OFFICIAL Andre Savelio signs with Hull

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    Probably for the best. Frees up cap space for someone who probably wasn't going to get a run anyway.
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  1. Nepal Donkeys

    Nepal Donkeys BRL Player

    Good luck to him. Injury probably cost him any chance of doing anything here and would have Buckley’s chance of getting any action for us this year.
  2. Sproj


    Sounds like he needs to go home, not enjoying footy, long injury lay off and long way from home can make someone sad.
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    Feel bad for the bloke, he had big wraps on him before he came here and blew out his knee before he could make an impression. Hopefully he kills it back in the SL. Best of luck to him.
  3. Cult3

    Cult3 State of Origin Captain

    As the “next SBW” I wonder if he let anyone know he was leaving before he jumped on the plane?
  4. Good luck and I feel sorry for him that injury hindered last season but realistically he was going to struggle this season to get a crack at first grade, way too much competition for a starting or bench spot.
  5. Who comes into the top 30, Bullemore?
  6. leon.bott

    leon.bott BRL Player

    Hopoate maybe? I could see him being the most readily useable replacement forward option.

    Albeit haven’t seen bullemore play, but he’s a youngster already in the development squad.
  7. Who?
  8. Ah yeah, would make sense.
  9. 1910

    1910 State of Origin Rep

  10. Thanks, yes I spotted it and read the article. Hopefully he kicks on from here and takes home some good memories. I'll bet he'll miss Brizzie once he gets home.
  11. So what is the protocol here? Last week, every team had to confirm their 29 man squad, so do the Broncos have to announce a signing before Thursday, or is it cart blanche until the June 30 deadline?
  12. Same question could relate to the Sharks who lost Segeyaro and Manly who lost F.Winterstein.

    I'd say the NRL doesn't care much until the deadline.
  13. It defeats the purpose doesn't it? A bunch of teams suck in their gut just in time for one deadline and before a ball is even kicked start reducing their squad numbers. Will be interesting to see what happens to the Broncos, Sea Eagles, Storm and Sharks. Like you, I think it's more of a media deal than a strictly enforced rule.
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  14. Mightybroncs2k17

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    Given our injurys last year this guy would have been close to getting a run providing he was playing even half decent in intrust cup. I wonder if we would have chosen him over young fifita in the peak of our injury crisis. I'd imagine Savelio would have been the safe bet.
  15. peter09

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    Deardon and Turpin
  16. I know you're heading for a career in journalism so please take this correction as step towards excellence. It's carte blanche, there's an e on cart. I know, shoot it over to the English thread I did NOT start.
  17. No you don't.

    If the spell-checker on Microsoft Word starts failing, I know where to turn to.
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    Ahh, good. Taken in good spirit. No, I'm sure journalism is your calling.

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