NEWS Baby Boyd could be Brisbane's new Alf

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    Could young gun halfback Tanah Boyd be Brisbane’s new Allan Langer?

    December 11, 2018

    The Broncos have unearthed the next Allan Langer with blond bombshell Tanah Boyd putting pressure on Kodi Nikorima for the Brisbane No. 7 jumper.

    Queensland Origin coach Kevin Walters forged a formidable scrumbase partnership with Broncos halfback Langer and declared Boyd had a huge future at Red Hill.

    Still just 18, Boyd has been promoted to Brisbane’s full-time NRL squad, putting him within striking distance of Nikorima and the coveted Broncos No. 7 jumper made famous by ‘Alfie’ Langer.

    The classy Australian Schoolboys young gun has been hailed the best playmaker to come through the Queensland junior ranks in almost 20 years.

    While Boyd has a long way to go to emulate the feats of Langer, the physical parallels are eerie.

    There is the blond hair, the pint-sized physique, the crafty attacking game and the quiet self-belief that has seen Boyd slot in seamlessly alongside Brisbane’s big names as he learns plays in pre-season training.

    Just like Alfie, Boyd was born in the month of July and has rocketed into the Queensland Emerging Origin system overseen by Walters, who knows a Langer-like talent when he sees one.

    “Tanah was in our Queensland under-18s team this year — he has a massive future,” said Walters, whose alliance with Langer steered the Broncos to four premierships.

    “It’s only early days for him but there’s no doubt he has some ability and it’s great to see him in the Broncos squad, halves like Anthony Milford and Kodi (Nikorima) will only help his development.

    “If he’s got any of Alf’s footy DNA, he will be a godsend for the Broncos.

    “Alf was a genius on the field and the great thing is he is still at the club, so he can be a mentor to Tanah.”

    A product of Keebra Park High, Boyd is more sizeable than Langer, standing 178cm and weighing 84kg.

    But in age where NRL athletes are getting bigger and stronger, Boyd will need his speed, skill and smarts to kick on and challenge Nikorima for the Broncos’ halfback spot.

    His genes are promising. Boyd’s father Shayne was a lower-grader at the Penrith Panthers and his mother Kim was a Crossfit champion.

    Boyd, who made his Intrust Super Cup debut this year with Souths Logan, has also represented Queensland at under-16s and under-18s levels.

    “I’ve been in talent ID for 16 years and he is the best player I have signed,” said his manager Tas Bartlett.

    “People say he’s just like Alfie Langer with the blond hair and the build, but the big thing is that he can also defend for a small bloke.

    “Comparing him to halves like Ashley Taylor (Titans) and Brodie Croft (Melbourne), I believe Tanah was miles ahead of them at the same age.

    “The challenge for him is to realise his potential in the NRL, but I haven’t seen many 18 years old with his level of talent.

    “He is the complete package as a footballer.”

    Boyd told The Courier-Mail last year that he hopes to emulate his idol, Cowboys champion Johnathan Thurston.

    “I love JT … I want to play like him,” Boyd said.

    “Playing for the Broncos has been a dream of mine since I was little. I’ve always gone for the Broncos. I’m on the right path. I’ve just got to keep working hard and stay at it.”

    Source: Courier Mail
  1. theshed

    theshed NRL Player

    Sounds promising.
  2. Hopefully he lives up to the hype. From what I've seen of him he looks very promising.

    The last "next Allan Langer" ended up dropping the ball in the GF.
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  3. Cult3

    Cult3 State of Origin Captain

    I refuse to get excited about a Broncos half until he starts going bald
  4. theshed

    theshed NRL Player


    Very impressive highlight reels at least
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  5. Dexter


    He is good. I saw him in the SoO in Melb this year, he looked dangerous every time he had ball in hand. I have no doubt he will make the step up. Not sure if he has a kicking game to speak of but he can develop that I guess.
  6. theshed

    theshed NRL Player


    In that video I posted he showed quite a knack for short kicking and I believe a 40/20. Whether or not they were the right options in the context of the games or if he made 20 terrible kicks in those games, I can’t say.
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  7. Dexter


    You're right he looked pretty good in that highlights vid but doing in at NRL level with less time and knowing he will be hit taking it to the line etc will be another test. I don't normally get too excited about the coming season until nearly rnd 1 but I just want 2019 to start already.
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  8. Sproj


    He looks the tiniest bit like Lockyer if you squint and turn your head to the side...that's something right.
  9. something

    something BRL Player

    Awesome highlights hey, basically the Boyd & Fifita show, and we all know how good Fifita is
  10. FaithinHook

    FaithinHook NRL Player

    **** me this boy looks the goods. Uncannily like DCE if you ask me. He could be the one we've been waiting for I dare say. Any chance of first grade this year I wonder? Looks very 'game mature' for his age.
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  11. MagicMan87

    MagicMan87 U18 Player

    Would they have added him to the 30 man squad if he wasn’t a chance at first grade?
  12. PerthBrissy987

    PerthBrissy987 NRL Player

    Second article Badel has done regarding our young halves
    First was Paix who was likened to Cronk
    Now boyd the next Alfie
  13. I'm hoping we somehow manage Boyd 6, Dearden 7 and Paix 9. If we want to keep this pack its going to take some coin, might mean shifting some some guys if they don't perform and keeping the young guns who demand half.
  14. Lockysillegitimatechild

    Lockysillegitimatechild NRL Player

    Tomorrow dearden will be the next (insert a legendary half’s name here). I used to get excited about the halves getting talked up but with the tiny percentage of the ones talked up that even make a first grade appearance its hard to get excited anymore
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  15. broncsgoat

    broncsgoat NRL Player

    another great seibold signing...... jokes, jokes
  16. Can we stop with the next so and so comparisons in the halves(or in general for that matter), how many have paid off at the club since 1998 long term at the club? Just let him develop and make a name for himself.
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2018
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  17. ****, I'll bet Tanah just loves being called baby, about as much as Alfie loved being picked up by his team mates and treated like a cuddly toy. Young might be a better word.
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  18. Maroon4life

    Maroon4life QCup Player

    Felt like I was witching DCE on the highlight package, hope for him and the broncos he’s everything they say and more.
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  19. Morepudding

    Morepudding QCup Player

    My issue with a lot of highlight reels is that the type of player that tends to get highlight reels are also the type of player that can make some awful decisions. I don't know enough about the guy to be a proper judge, but what we are desperately in need of is an organiser who will keep a level head. Shaun Johnson, Mitchell Moses, Anthony Milford, even Kodi Nikorima would all arguably have a more exciting highlight reel than Cooper Cronk. But I know who i'd rather...

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