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Mister Wright

Mister Wright

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Jun 8, 2009
Anyone else agree with me that this is Michael Neser?
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fingers crossed! see we lost burnsy to melbourne :(
Was confirmed as Michael Neser btw.

Very good signing, immediately becomes comfortably our best death bowler.

Need to back it up with some better batsmen..

Hopefully some good signings to come..

Hopefully some good signings to come..

Interesting Max Bryant is yet to be locked up. Will be interesting if they decide to go with him especially considering they have another inconsistent performer already locked up in Haezlett.
Not to always be that guy talking only about the girls comp in every sport, but the Brisbane Georgias have also announced their first 8 in the squad:

Nice, hopefully he sticks around for the whole season.
Joe Burns replacement I guess. He seems like a solid player, averages 30's in T20's with a strike rate of 135.

What a massive disappointment Banton has turned out to be.

Didn't come last year because he was 'burnt out', won't be coming this year because of 'mandatory hotel quarantine'.

Guess we've got another international spot open then..
Heat girls season ended tonight in the elimination final

typical Heat collapse left us at 7/52 until a rearguard from bowlers Nic Hancock and a broken Nadine de Klerk got us to 108 before Hancock got out for 40 (26)

Strikers chased down the 115 target easily but played it safe, taking 16.3 overs

A season of usual Heat things - belting teams without trying one week and losing easily winnable games with inexplicable nonsense the next

Going forward, the core of the squad is good and while there’s a view to rotate players because games are so close together, we need to keep some level of consistency with selections.

Changing half the team every game just doesn’t lend itself to being able to perform when it matters

JJ, Redmayne, Grace, Voll, Hinkley, Kerr, Sippel, Knott, Hancock and de Klerk are the key players we need to rebuild the team around, provided the young ones keep getting better.

Larris is done, Bosch was meh, Prestwidge was barely a thing this season - she needs to develop some variations to be more effective

We really missed Kerr this season, and a lot of other players just didn’t hit their form and it cost us with a hugely fragile batting lineup and a mostly expensive bowling attack. Definitely need a solid middle order player or two to help stop the collapses that cost us games
Scorchers deserve to win this based on batting, Strikers deserve to win it based on bowling.

Looks a Scorchers win. Enjoyable comp, sad Heat limped out as they did.
Squad is basically set first heat game tomorrow any thoughts on what the side might look like with these players available.

Jimmy Peirson
Tom Abell (Absent)
Xavier Bartlett
Max Bryant
Hugo Burdon
Tom Cooper
Ben Duckett
Cameron Gannon
Liam Guthrie
Sam Heazlett
Matt Kuhnemann
Marnus Labuschagne (absent)
Chris Lynn
Nathan McSweeney
Michael Neser (absent)
Will Prestwidge
Mark Steketee (absent)
Mitchell Swepson (absent)
Mujeeb Ur Rahman
Jack Wildermuth
Connor Sully (Injured I assume)
Matt Willans (Injured I assume)

1.) Max Bryant
2.) Chris Lynn
3.) Ben Duckett
4.) Jack Wildermuth
5.) James Bazley
6.) Nathan McSweeney
7.) Jimmy Peirson (WK/C)
8.) Xavier Bartlett
9.) Mujeeb Ur Rahman
10.) Cameron Gannon
11.) Matt Kuhnemann

Personally I think we got the worst end of the stick from Aus (/A) squads so team will get better over time. The team list above is just the best of what the squad permits. I think you could argue they are all locks except McSweeney and Gannon. I am a huge fan of McSweeney best first grade cricketer in the country (slight exaggeration but he’d be in the convo) just struggles to make the jump up to First Class and List A. He is a GREAT fielder and can change the game with that as well as being a decent part timer. Gannon is one of the last pace bowlers left only other one is Guthrie who I’m not sure is better or even available yet. I am also putting money on that Mujeeb and Ben are ready because they are quarantining/training together and the heat seem to be promoting Mujeeb for the first game. Ben might be straight into the English lions side though. In that case Heazlett comes in. Not the best side but no denying our best players are yet to come and if we get a couple wins early on success will come later when at full strength we could arguably just about win the comp. I got full strength as:

1.) Max Bryant
2.) Chris Lynn
3.) Marnus Labuschagne
4.) Ben Duckett
5.) Tom Abell
6.) Jack Wildermuth
7.) Jimmy Peirson (WK/C)
8.) Michael Neser
9.) Mark Steketee
10.) Mujeeb Ur Rahman
11.) Mitch Swepson


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