NEWS Betting adds more entertainment to rugby league’: Inside V’landys’ Vegas plan

It's interesting though.
I reckon booze probably ***** up more people's lives than gambling, same with cigarettes.

Who decides what is or isn't ok for the general public to engage in?
Cool, let's sell heroin and coke to the public as well then, some people having no control of their addictions doesn't stop it being fun.

See how that works?
They already do mate. Ever checked out pharmaceuticals?
Gambling companies take care of their money. And as long as the client brings them money, they take care of the client. That's the way it is in any business.
its SL 3.0 nothing to do with the game lived the first one...not sure i want to live this one..what happened to my game
Shame France pulled out of the WC hosting, they banned all betting and gambling adverts, would of been a nice change to not see that cancer.

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