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Super Freak

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Jan 25, 2014
Pick your three best players from Friday’s match against North Queensland Cowboys and discuss below. You can change your mind until the poll closes on Sunday night.
Reynolds: man we're such a different team with him playing.

Carrigan: the default Hass point it seems.

Sailor: solid job at the back. A lot if tough runs.
Pretty much this
3. Reynolds - His kicking won us the game

2. Carrigan - Has absolutely lifted in the absence of Haas. He is a handsome freak

1. Sailor - Proved the doubters wrong with a solid as **** performance
I applaud whoever gave Oates 1 🥳
I didn't vote for them but I am surprised ezra mam and cobbo haven't gotten more votes.

Riki and staggs defence was epic too. Walters and smoothy were in 2023 mode. Mariners footwork is INSANE. Baker, hethrington, willison and Jensen all ran and tackled with venom. Arthurs is the most reliable player in the bloody nrl. Oates did his role (but I did notice his tackles weren't exactly "solid" on 1st contact so hope he isn't found out). Hunt did his job too, not as worried with piakura out now.

But sailor, carriagan and reynolds (how the **** did souths let him go?!) were my 3 votes. So enough said on them.

Great win. Cowboys aren't in our league.
Reyno and Carrigan because of course. Could have gone any of fifteen ways next and all arguably deserved, but I went for the oft-overlooked Jensen.

I think he was excellent. Just goes about his job with no fuss and put out some good numbers. In all reality, he was probably in our top 3.
3 - Carrigan
2 - Reynolds
1 - Jensen

And honourable mentions to pretty much everyone but especially Baker and Hunt.

Baker was understandably bagged last week, this week him and Jensen laid a fantastic platform on the back of Carrigan against a fantastic pack. Hunt filled a big Piakura sized hole really well. Looks a fantastic player to have in depth.

And goodness me, Aquaman is showing more and more JYY every game.

And look out when Xman is given an offload licence.
Reynolds & Carrigan definitely the best for mine.

3rd has to be Jensen. Not quite Haas' numbers but definitely the reason we were able to cover for his loss. 60 post-contact-metres in 15 runs is impressive.
3. Reynolds - absolute kicking masterclass. had the Cowboys back 3 shitting themselves every time he kicked their ways.

2. Patty - activated super beast mode tonight.

1. this was a tougher choice. can I give a point to both Jensen and Baker. 🤔 it's harsh on Jensen who really stepped up tonight, but I'm going to give it to Baker, that pass deserves official recognition, that pass would have been brilliant if thrown by a half, but a prop throwing it FMD

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