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3. Reynolds - absolute kicking masterclass. had the Cowboys back 3 shitting themselves every time he kicked their ways.

2. Patty - activated super beast mode tonight.

1. this was a tougher choice. can I give a point to both Jensen and Baker. 🤔 it's harsh on Jensen who really stepped up tonight, but I'm going to give it to Baker, that pass deserves official recognition, that pass would have been brilliant if thrown by a half, but a prop throwing it FMD
Reynolds, Carrigan, Staggs. Jensen very close.
Shout out to Riki too. He’s been below par to start the season but was back to his usual excellent self last night, happy to see it.

Can we give a point to the jersey? Can’t we just that one as our away jersey for the season?
Following suit.

With third being a toss up between Sailor, Hetherington, Jenson, Arthars and Smoothy.

Not a bad player in the side.
Cobbbo was good, just not as good as his previous couple of games, this applies to Staggs as well.
I love me some Oates but the fact he is 5th in voting is absolutely dally m level voting.... he did his role well but he wouldn't have been in the top 14 or 15 performers, it's complete and utter favouritism and devalues the award when people vote that way
Tough one this week.

3. Carrigan
2. Reynolds

That’s easy enough but it becomes near impossible after that.

Jensen, Staggs, Sailor probably all deserve a look in. Mam was pretty good, Willison strong off the bench. Cobbo too slow to be considered. Oatesy was an absolute super sub.

For some reason though, I voted Smoothy. Thought he was great
Voting is closed and with a total of 53 votes (98.1%), BHQ's Man of the Match for Round 4 is Adam Reynolds.


Patrick Carrigan coming second with 47 votes (87%), and Tristan Sailor coming third with 26 votes (48.1%).


Looks like we know what we're talking about.

Dally M votes: Adam Reynolds 6, Pat Carrigan 3, Tristan Sailor 2, Tom Dearden 1.

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