NEWS Boyd insists pre-Christmas slog will pay dividends

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    Boyd insists pre-Christmas slog will pay dividends

    January 11, 2018

    Darius Boyd insists the hard yards he put in before Christmas on the training paddock will pay off on the field in 2018 as he continues one of the rare full pre-seasons of his career.

    The Brisbane captain missed the 2015 pre-season after tearing an Achilles tendon in December of 2014 and last year he returned late following the 2016 Four Nations campaign.

    He did have a full pre-season prior in 2016, a season in which he was at his very best for Brisbane and Queensland winning both the Paul Morgan Medal as Broncos' player of the year and the Ron McAuliffe Medal for the Maroons' player of the series.

    An injured hamstring kept him out of the Broncos' opening two finals fixtures in 2017 and he did not complete the preliminary final against Melbourne.

    Darius guides the attack and organises the defence at the back with his chat and he is just such a stable influence and so important to the team.
    Steve Renouf on Darius Boyd
    Sitting out the World Cup gave him the opportunity to rehab the injury and return to his best in the upcoming Telstra Premiership season.

    "I think you really do need the extra training before Christmas," Boyd told

    "It gives you a really good base and sets you up for when you come back in January so you can hone and fine-tune your skills, and it gives you that extra strength.

    "When you come back in mid-January from a tour or a World Cup you are playing catch-up but I have found that when I've had a pre-season from November I've always had a pretty decent year.

    "I'm hoping that is the case for this coming season."

    Boyd is back training with the full squad now and said he gained plenty of benefits from his pre-Christmas work.

    "I've enjoyed doing rehab and working on areas where I needed to improve on my own personal body," he said.

    "When you are back with the normal group you are just getting kilometres in your legs but I've been able to concentrate on certain areas that are week and need some strength or flexibility.

    "It is just the one hamstring that was a problem, but I've worked on both hamstrings and my calves…everything that can help that hamstring a bit more and be stronger all-round."

    Aged 30 and with 267 NRL games and two premierships to his credit, along with 28 Origins and 23 Tests under his belt, Boyd is the most experienced and decorated player in the Broncos backline.

    Anthony Milford is the next most experienced player at the club with 118 NRL games but is only 23 and still in the early stages of his career.

    Boyd's absence in the 2017 finals series cost Brisbane dearly and club legend Steve Renouf said his regular presence on the park this year would be vital.

    "Darius guides the attack and organises the defence at the back with his chat and he is just such a stable influence and so important to the team," he said.

    "In attack he chimes in and does his own thing or he throws that cut out ball for the winger and he does it so well, so he is virtually another playmaker out wide.

    "As the captain the players look to him for inspiration, as we used to do with Alfie Langer.

    "Darius sat out the World Cup to work hard on that injury and get himself fit and in the long term it is going to be a big benefit."

  2. Kyall

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    Boyd needs to start running with intent and use more footwork. Boyd gets this hump back running going and stops at the line and tries to just palm them off, it pisses me off.
  3. Jedhead

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    Boyd is not a RTS or a Dugan or a Hayne, but he certainly brings so much more with his talk and organisation of our defence. I'm not sure if I'm 100% correct in saying but I think he was one of the first fullbacks to play in the line of defence. Being able to do that and still know when to drop back for the kick behind takes foresight that none of the aforementioned FBs will ever master.
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  4. Wolfie

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    Some people just have a Boyd agenda. Until he got injured, he was fine. After that, he struggled.
  5. Kyall

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    He does take the line on, but he just isn't running like he use to.
  6. Hamstring injuries will do that.

    It was revealed he was struggling with it throughout the year.
  7. broncos4life

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    Because he had a hamstring injury FFS.
  8. Gaz

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  9. Kyall

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    He's been running like it since he came back.
  10. Marty Deutschmann

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    Came back where?
  11. Kyall

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    To the broncos from knights.
  12. Accept

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    You do understand the process of aging, don't you? Humans slow down as they get older.
  13. soup


    It’s not speed he’s talking about, it’s intention, impact, passion. I agree with him. He’s shown glimpses of hard-headed determination, but never lasting more than a few games. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate him, but he could set a better example more of the time.
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  14. Renegade

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    I don't disagree with you but I wonder whether he's told just submit, get a quick ptb and go.

    He does look like a bitch though, even if he's instructed to do so.
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  15. But he doesn't even do that. His getting up, shaking of his head ends up making it very slow.
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  16. Gaz

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    Broncos' Boyd out for three weeks: Bennett
    By AAP
    13 hours ago

    Brisbane captain Darius Boyd has suffered another setback to his hamstring injury that has forced him to rejoin the rehabilitation group this week.

    Boyd had been on the comeback trail after tearing his hamstring late last year, forcing him to miss most of last year's NRL finals series and the World Cup.

    However it is understood the Broncos star has been ordered to scale back his workload as he attempts to prepare for the upcoming NRL season.

    Brisbane coach Wayne Bennett admitted the latest issue was in a different part of the leg and that Boyd would be out of action for up to three weeks.

    "He's just having a little bit of a problem with his hamstring but it's a different one that he had at the end of the season," Bennett told

    "It's a different muscle in the back of his leg. Same leg but different muscle. He'll be two or three weeks and then he should be right.

    "It's not serious. It's not a bad tear but there's just a bit of a strain there."

    Asked whether he was concerned the injury would develop into a chronic problem for Boyd, Bennett said: "Not at the moment we're not. We hope it's not but who knows."

    The Broncos open their NRL season against St George Illawarra on Match 8.
  17. BroncsFan

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    One of our most important preseasons in recent history and it's turning to shit.

    Milf surgery
    Bird surgery rather than transitioning to forwards
    Kodi minor surgery and WC to delay his return
    Boyd injured
    Macca rehabbing
    Not to mention all the other WC guys getting extra time off.

    Could be a very slow start to the season...
  18. Marty Deutschmann

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    Boyd is back to running today
  19. Jedhead

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    Still, to cop a niggle so early in the pre-season is quite a concern. I hate the thought of his coming workload and him constantly second guessing himself for the entire season. The standards teams play to nowadays means 'managing' your hammies just won't cut it if you want to win a comp. 1,6,7 and 9 are all unfortunately under some form of cloud and we haven't even started a trail game yet. Niko is really the only fully fit one among them.
  20. Thelmus


    Didn't he have surgery for an appendix ? They all seem to be carrying something, or getting over something. Hopefully it all comes good round 1, but at least it gives hope for up and comers, or fringe players to work hard for that chance.

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