OPINION Broncos ‘Set to’ Win Cobbo's Signature. Badel warning.

I often wonder if deals like Cobbo's are signed and then only announced when it it suits the club for maximum publicity.

Hint at the re-signing sure and get the journos talking, but leave the announcement until after origin so that the news stands alone for maximum effect.

They'd be stupid if they weren't.
And just like that, Selwyn's hype bubble has burst. Lowest rated player from last night's game. Mind you we've been here before. Just three months ago.

He'll bounce back.
Here we go, 1 bad game and suddenly he belongs back in QLD Cup :rofl
Not really. He needs some more time in the NRL.

Xavier Coates was initially dropped after his first Origin game after scoring a try and missing no tackles. His debut was far more solid than Selwyn's, which was merely passable. But last night, he looked out of his depth. No big deal, picking him so young and inexperienced on the back of overblown hype was always a massive risk.
Good. Hopefully the media stops overhyping and there is less focus on him.
Brady Bunch K GIF
Well hopefully he finds form again otherwise this video is going to be very short.

would love to get him signed asap but trust that ikin and DD will make the right choice as to how high to go for him
Me too. I feel Ben and David are rebuilding a Club as well as a team and I further believe they will succeed.

When they do the players will stay and those that have left will wish they hadn't.
He set up a try and we also won the game.

Yes, he doesn't go from being worthy of being in Origin to not belonging based on one game, a game where we were comprehensively beaten. That's not Selwyn's fault.

He made some handling errors and got found out when we were a man down, so what? He is just as likely to make those same handling errors for Wynnum.
He was set to re-sign and he does.

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