Broncos sign Payne Haas

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    Re: Broncos sign Payne Hass

    No worries.
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    Tino Faasuamaleaui (thanks Google).
  3. Lots of steroid-ladened battery farmed chickens
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    [h=1]Wayne Bennett’s heart-to-heart convinced Payne Haas to join Brisbane Broncos[/h]


    WAYNE Bennett’s “words from the heart’’ convinced Gold Coast teen Payne Haas - the hottest young prospect in rugby league - to link with the Brisbane Broncos.

    The 16-year-old Haas was being chased by up to 10 NRL clubs but decided to link with the Broncos until the end of 2019 after speaking to Bennett and his family about his future.
    The Australian schoolboys prop is rated one of the most exciting young players in the game, but being so young Haas has decided that Brisbane, just a 45-minute trip up the M1 is the best environment for his development.
    “He spoke from his heart to me and there felt like a real connection there,’’ Haas said of his conversation with Bennett.
    “There’s a connection to Wayne and I can talk to him, so it was good stuff from him.
    “(That’s when I knew) this is the right club for me and development-wise, it’s the best there, especially learning from that kind of person, it’s crazy for me to learn off (Bennett).’’
    Haas, who has honed his skills over five years at renowned rugby league nursery Keebra Park High School, said even more than the influence of Bennett though, being close to his family was key.
    “Wayne spoke on the phone but it was more the family side of things,’’ said Haas, the third-oldest of 10 children.
    “It was me staying up here and getting the best development, so I think the Broncos will be the best for that.
    “I’m only 45 minutes away from home, so it’s good.

    “Especially for the dark days at training, you need family around to talk to, especially with mum and dad around, it’s good and at the Broncos, I can always (come home and) have that talk to them.’’
    Payne Haas in action for Queensland schoolboys team. Picture: SMP Images/QRL MediaHaas is preparing for a “development year” next season where he hopes to break into the under-20s before eventually making the Broncos’ NRL squad.
    And he has plenty of forward role models to learn from, another reason for choosing the Broncos.
    “There’s probably some of the best in the game there to help me with my game so to learn off them will be a crazy thing and help me as a footy player and as a person off the field as well,’’ he said.
    “I look up to their forwards, they’re all real good forwards and the way they are off the field too is special. They’re all good people and that’s what I like.’’
    Role models are important to Haas and his family, who, along with the likes of Greg Lenton and Glenn Campbell at Keebra have impressed upon him the importance of being a good person as well as a good footballer.
    “Mum and dad taught me that you have to be a good person and the way you treat people is the way you get treated, so that’s the way I want to learn,’’ Haas said.

    No Cookies | Gold Coast Bulletin

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    Sounds like a gentlemen, 10 CHILDREN WOH!
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    Although the eldest Brother seemed to think his sister(s) vagina was an amusement park.
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  7. I dunno...I'm not too crazy on this "Payne Hass" name. I can see some serious ribbing from other the other sides fans.
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    His name could possibly bring a cult following. I remember that Wayne Kerr bloke who played for Ireland and iirc everyone got behind because of his name.
  9. Still dunno...sounds like some crazy NSW / Irish thing to me.
  10. That's just nasty... what have Irish people ever done to you?
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    Oh Goodie, should be good for season 2025.
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    That is generally how development works.
  13. RICHIE: Amir Sohail.
    BILL: Hail Ritchie, hail the great man, haiiilll!
    RICHIE: No Bill that's his name you dickhead!
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    "..typical stinking **** hot day here.."

    here's hoping this isnt a DaveTaylor mk2 situation!
  15. Graheemy Lebroy.....
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    "Pearce off, Gibbs on.. "
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  17. Foordy


    [FONT=&quot]Bill Lawry: "Gra-heemy Labroy???? His name's Graeme Max"[/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]Max Walker: "Yeeessss, well all his Pakistani team-mates have got long and complicated names......seems a bit of a shame the young fella should miss out. So I think I'll just keep on calling him Gra-heemy"[/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]Bill Lawry: "Jeez you're fucked in the head sometimes Max"[/FONT]
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  18. "Whatid you say **** knuckle??"

    Won't derail the thread any further but **** I love The 12th Man
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    So much. We need a 12th man thread.

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