Broncos sign Payne Haas

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    Big to pay a 16 year old that money when I just read Parker only got 200k for the season in his last contract.
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    Wayne must see something him in him and considering his size and that his bigger then Jason at the age of 16. Wayne must think that he can help us and train him up so his ready for 2k18. I do agree though the money he has offered is a lot but I think titans had offered around the same.
    No chance Parker was on 200k. You don't become an Australian rep and have a contract for 200k, that might be after long serving salary cap allowances and 3rd party deals but even then I doubt his base contract was anything under 400k.
  4. It's possible the 200k is the cap hit rather than his salary.
  5. Foordy


    Possibly a bit like Locky towards the end a 250k cap hit ... but using every allowance we have to reduce his cap liability
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    It was the end of 2013 and he had just claimed the Paul Morgan Medal for the Broncos’ best and fairest, as well as the Dally M Lock of the Year and the International Lock of the Year.
    Then 31, the Maroons star felt it was his turn to cash in for what had already been a fantastic career. He wanted a three year deal on good money.
    But his expectations couldn’t have been further from the Broncos’ offer.
    “You know what I ended up with? Just over $200,000 a season,” Parker writes in his newly released autobiography, Iron Man.
    “It was kind of hard to cop when Penrith had just signed Jamie Soward on a four-year deal allegedly worth $3.6 million.

    “Nothing against Jamie and good luck to him if the numbers were right but he hadn’t played for New South Wales since 2011 and had never played for his country.

    “Even Ben Barba was coming to our club and reports had him being paid well over $1 million over three years.
    “Surely I was good enough at that stage of my career to be knocking on the door of the million-dollar club too.”
    Those contract negotiations were difficult for Parker and they laid bare a couple of harsh truths about the NRL.
    In an interview with he reveals the process taught him two things: 1. Elite forwards are undervalued; and 2. It’s hard to get what you’re worth when you represent yourself.
    “I think we’re starting to see it shift a little bit now, with some of the contracts that these younger forwards are getting,” Parker says.
    “But that was just how it was perceived, you didn’t pay forwards big money — for whatever reason, I don’t know — but now it’s starting to change a bit.
    “Those days are gone for me, so it’s just do my best now.”
    Parker lists newly crowned Dally M Award winner Jason Taumalolo and Storm superstar Jesse Bromwich as two examples of forwards who are spoken about in the same breath as elite playmakers like Johnathan Thurston, Cameron Smith and Jarryd Hayne.
    South Sydney’s Clive Churchill Medallist Sam Burgess is also paid in the elite bracket and Parker says the shift reflects a change in what’s required of forwards at the top level.
    “I think particularly the way the game’s changing, there’s a need for hard working, long playing minute forwards,” Parker said.
    “It’s a high priority now. What isn’t undervalued is what that’s worth to a team.
    “But you’re only as good as someone wants to pay you and if you’re happy to sign that, regardless, well that’s how it works.”

    At that time Parker was representing himself having parted company very early in his career with his only representative, Jim Banaghan.
    Parker admits that he would have got more from his last contract had the negotiations been conducted by a manager but says there were other benefits to seeing how clubs worked behind the scenes.
    “I’ve learnt a hell of a lot by doing that,” Parker says.
    “Have I forgoed some money along the way? Yes, I have. Would I be the same person as I am today for not doing that? I don’t know. So that’s a tough one there.
    “What I would say is that some of those conversations and dealings are really hard to do.
    “Some people just don’t feel at ease with doing that.
    “ ... But the other thing for me was that subconsciously, deep down, I never really wanted to leave the Broncos.
    “I didn’t want to give myself, being truthful, a reason for leaving.
    “If I was to approach a manager or go on the open market that might have meant that I would leave.
    “Did the Broncos know or understand that way about me? They probably did. But I don’t think I’d be the person I am if I hadn’t experienced that myself.”
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    goat was true guys here is the story above
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    yes and then CP employed a manager at the start of this year to negotiate a new deal beyond 2016. nek minnut retired.
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    Well it could of been Parker was ready to retire at the end of 2016, but in order to gain the media roles at Foxsports, he would need a manager to do that for him.
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    That's crazy. It would blow my mind if we were paying **** Kennedy twice as much as Parker, who was the best forward in the world until this year.

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