Broncos to Las Vegas

The AFL is getting set to cash in as the NRL prepare to capitalise on the international audience in 2024.

But as the NRL attempt to capture a piece of the expansive American market, the AFL are loading up to pinch the Sydney market away.

GWS Giants director Jimmy Bartel revealed that the league is planning on hosting marquee games in Sydney early in the season.

The Office Lol GIF by MOODMAN
Is this plan along the lines of if NRL sent Souths vs Rorters around the country like it's some showpiece event that fans will just want to attend 🤔🤔

Marketing geniuses on both sides.
Are we doing our full preseason over in the US? If so, did we take players' families etc or just the players? Interesting.
If it’s true we’re spending our whole pre-season over in the US, that is very interesting.

Not quite sure what to make of it.
Those jerseys look ordinary AF. Capewell looks like he’s wearing a mumu

Homer Simpson Mumu GIF
Perhaps when the NFL guys fit the rather large shoulder pads and strapping etc they fill out.
How did that sleezeball manage a white house invite.

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