Broncos want Paul Green as Head coach


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I think they may be stealing from other team's playbook on this and just looking at a ready made replacement that can hit the ground running. We tried inexperience previously with henjack and hook to try and create another career coach.

JD and Kevvie have never been a fulltime coach of an NRL team, which will bring about teething problems.

We are a big club and we may as well flaunt it by getting the best (although I don't consider Green the best). Look at Manchester United they replaced fergie with Moyes (who didn't have experience with big clubs and big dollars) and then Van Gaal (who didn't have EPL experience).

It's only now that they have Jose and are starting to flex their muscle in the transfer market that they are starting to regain some ground. Broncos lost so much ground under henjack and hook that they won't want it to happen again
Exactly. All these ‘super coaches’ were involved in our system (green, Bellamy, and Walters), so it’s not like we’re even poaching green if we get him, although the cows will cry about it for years.


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So with Green being chased apparently that would mean that JD hasn't exactly impressed. Or the club knows he's off to the Titans.... It's reportedly now between him and Madge.
Either way I'm not real excited, I was hoping JD was going to revitalise our attack and groomed for the top job.
I wonder what the fuck Kevvie did wrong?
or we're not even chasing him and it is still between Walters and JD. I saw several rumours from people more reliable than Rothfield (although i suppose that isn't hard given some there is no one that knows less about the workings of the Broncos than he does) that said that JD was highly regarded by by the club and the front runner to replace Bennett.


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I don't have a lot of faith in JD. When Walters was our assistant coach we looked amazing. With JD, we looked like a shadow of that. And for all the points we scored, it was mostly based on individual efforts, not through particularly organised or structured attack or even much of a plan. I dunno what the Broncos problem with Walters is, but I'd def prefer him or PG over Yiros Souvlaki.


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I actually dont think Kevvie is cut out for a full time head coach job tbh.


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He'd be great, IF he had the right people around him.
Maybe, but im not convinced still. Dont really know why either. I do think the day to day pressure of being a head coach would get to him at a club like the broncos. He wasnt overly great at catalans, but he did pretty well at Ipswich. I feel the origin coaching style suuts him, and being a coach at a club like ours suits him, but i just dont think he is a head coach for us.


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Broncos are rumored to be in the hunt for Paul Green.

I do remember reading a month or so ago that Kevin Walters may bide his time and refuse the Titans job. The thinking from some is that if Green does not take the Broncos job Walters will be the next in line for it. If Green does take the Broncos job, Walters will be favored for the Cowboys head coaching position both options are more appealing for Walters then the Titans coaching position.

Brisbane want Paul Green to replace Wayne Bennett as Broncos coach

THE Brisbane Broncos are showing an interest in Cowboys coach Paul Green, who comes off contract at the end of next season.

Veteran Wayne Bennett is under contract for another two seasons but Green is seen by club powerbrokers as a long-term Broncos coach.

Obviously the Cowboys will do everything possible to keep Green in Townsville.

They will need to pay up towards $1 million a season to retain him.

If Green decides to extend for only one season you can guarantee he’ll be at the Broncos from 2019.
Wont be happening. Fox saying he has signed with Cowboys for 3 more years. Unless WB carries on for 2 more years. So guess post WB options likely to be Kevvie or Bellamy


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As good as he is, I actually would not want Bellamy to be our coach this time around. The ethics of his club and players is questionable at best. I don’t always agree with Wayne but at least he stands for something.


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As good as he is, I actually would not want Bellamy to be our coach this time around. The ethics of his club and players is questionable at best. I don’t always agree with Wayne but at least he stands for something.
I'm pretty sure he's confirmed that it's Storm or retirement at this point hasn't he?

I agree though. Fuck that guy,

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