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Apr 26, 2008
Hello BHQers

The 2023 BroncosHQ tipping competition is now open for all to join!

To join simply click on 'BHQ Tipping' at the top of the site, click 2023, then click join pool.

Once again we will have some prizes for the winner, however we are expanding the prizes to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place now thanks to our site sponsor Mobile Computer Geeks Brisbane.

1st place prize: A Broncos Jersey and a $100 Broncos Team Store e-Gift Card
2nd place prize: $100 Broncos Team Store e-Gift Card
3rd place prize: $50 Broncos Team Store e-Gift Card

Tipping Guidelines:

  • 1 point is awarded for a correct pick, 2 points are awarded for correctly tipping a draw.
  • Tipping is for the entire NRL season including the finals campaign.
  • By default away teams are auto selected so make sure you update your picks prior to kick off each round
  • To update your picks each week, click here (ideally bookmark this link) select the appropriate round, and choose your picks. You can edit your picks right up until lockout time which is a few minutes prior to kickoff of the first match each round.
If you need any help with tipping, post in this thread and we'll help out.

Good luck to all.
If the competition is a tie like last year what happens?
So not able to do any tipping yet?
I joined the pool then hit manage picks and I get crickets
For me . it's just saying nothing to show yet.

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