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    Sounds like we will have to wait until Cam releases a book to find out his response.

    In the press conference today, he said he will be dealing with the matter privately.
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  1. I like to read that as "Alex rang an apologised and explained that 60 minutes are a bunch of **** that set out to make us both look like the bad guys, when really it's them".
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  2. Given Smith pulled out of an interview about it last week and he's suddenly saying the matter will be handled privately, I think it's safe to assume there's been private contact already. Hopefully along the lines of what Nashy said.
  3. Dexter


    I thought 60 mins had viewer feedback after the show. Unless it's changed format they had no feedback from last week, I waited through the whole crappy show only for the week **** to sign off. They must have had some fierce response.
  4. Kaz

    Kaz State of Origin Captain

    Alex & his father need to stop the blame game & realise that Alex was mostly to blame for what happened.

    Danny the dribbler Weilder.

    McKinnon remains strong. He is not devastated as some want to portray and he's not backing away from his views, nor is he embarrassed to have them. His view is that none of this would have happened if Cameron Smith had just said sorry.

    I could just hear Cameron Smith go up to the ref and just saying, um he's done it to himself, he's trying to get a penalty. I just remember being, just obviously angry because of that

    'Sorry' would have healed the rift between Alex McKinnon and Cameron Smith

    Alex should be the one to say sorry.

    Weilder is sucking up to his employer.

    Also Alex is a liar, Smith spoke to the ref after Alex was taken from the field.
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  5. gordjw

    gordjw NRL Player

    Just one media group out to score points on another group. **** em all.
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  6. jarro65

    jarro65 State of Origin Rep

  7. Kaz, even you know better than to believe a word that comes out of that guys mouth.

    End of the day, a lot of people lost respect for Alex. He's allowed to feel that way, but to be backed into a corner with no other option but to put them on display in front of a camera, is bullshit.
  8. Foordy


    McKinnon also claimed via his 60 minutes interview that he hadn't seen the tackle before they showed it to him, when in his book he claims to have seen the tackle ... So that means that either:

    A) The book was written after the 60 minutes interview was filmed.

    B) He deliberately lied to people to get them to feel sorry for him and buy his book

    C) He allowed 60 minutes to deliberately lie to people (by not correcting them) so people would feel sorry for him and buy his book.

    Since it is not possible to write, publish and release a book in 2 - 3 weeks, then it was rither B or C.

    Cam Smith has maintained much more class than McKinnon in this whole situation.

    McKinnon tries to make Cam Smith the bad guy, when he had nothing to do with the tackle, and his complaint that Smith refuses to apologise is also BS, as Smith and the Storm made numerous attempts to visit him and check on his welfare only to be denied repeatedly. It is no wonder they gave up.

    Although it is a tradgedy what happened to McKinnon, he has successfully managed to turn my sympathy away from him and on to Smith.

    Rant over
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  9. I would be surprised if you ever hear anything in a book from Smith about this. He will deal with it in private the way it should have been done all along. One wonders why, if McKinnon was as angry as he made out why he or his father or someone on his behalf did not pick up the phone and call Smith to try and sort the issue.

    I hold Smith in high regard and I think he is a class act.
  10. Kaz

    Kaz State of Origin Captain


    The interview was done several months ago.

    Alex said on 30th June that he had viewed the final edit & was really happy with it.

    I don't care what they say, the interview was shown when it was to put Smith off during Origin 3.

    He book was self published.

    1. He wanted to keep all the profits for himself.

    2. No one in publishing world gave a **** about his self pity & blame game.

    I think it's both 1 & 2.
  11. Alec

    Alec International Rep

    Who the hell has an autobiography in your early 20s? I doubt his life would be particularly interesting. 50% would be stuff like "Me and me mates got on some Passion Pop that night" and the other 50% would be a "I can't walk" pity party.
  12. It would have been better if he were in the game longer and actually reached the heights that coaches and other players said he would reach..
  13. I have no sympathy left for McKinnon, only pity.

    I might be hypocritical, as I don't know how bitter I would be in his situation, but I am not the type to hold on to grudges, and I'd like to think I would be much more focused on my gorgeous girlfriend, whom stood by me, than sticking it into one of the true greats of the game, especially without ever giving him the chance to have a frank talk with me.
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  14. Kaz

    Kaz State of Origin Captain

    We all know where this is heading, Alex suing the NRL, Storm etc.

    I have read that Lawyers saying he could get 10 million.

    Seeing the tackle etc, I would be saying about 90% fault Alex & 10% the tackle. (I am being kind in saying 90% is the fault of Alex)

    If I was being a complete bitch, I would say 99% fault to Alex.

    Even the Judiciary said the tackle wasn't an indirect factor in the injury.

    Jordan McLean had indirect role in Alex McKinnon's injury: NRL judiciary found
  15. broncos4life

    broncos4life International Rep

    You to be pretty focussed on his gorgeous girlfriend already, whilst retaining the ability to walk.
  16. broncos4life

    broncos4life International Rep

    How many books do you think you would sell with a private phone call?
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  17. Bull Shark

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    I hear what you're saying and agree in principle ... But I really think it's impossible (and silly) for any of us to pass judgement on the reactions of Alex McKinnon or his parents.. What he and they have gone through is a nightmare living hell that I can't even begin to imagine ... terrible, horrible, awful heartbreaking wouldn't even begin to do justice to what they've all been through and what they have to live with every day for the rest of their lives ... In my book it certainly makes a few bitter remarks understandable and excusable.
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    You're absolutely right about what you're saying. I would never try to rationalise raw emotion, but that's not what this was...
    I think you'll find that it's not the outburst, anger or rage that bothers me or most other people, but the calculated, deliberate, method and timing of all this.

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