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  1. jarro65

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    I wonder how this will affect Smith for tomorrow nights game ?

    Will it make him unsure/uncertain, go into his shell a bit, or will it make him more determined to have a blinder and win us the series ?
  2. Well, if the salary cap scandal is anything to go by then he will have a blinder.

    I'm sure he will be fine. He is experienced enough to block all of that out and just focus on the footy. It's not the first time he has been slammed in the media.
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  3. All he needs to do is read about it online for 5 minutes to know that 90% of the fans are behind him 100%.
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  4. Foordy


    as long as he stays away from LU... a few guys are going off at him over there.
  5. broncos4life

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    They're always going off at everyone over there. A lot of guys that weren't hugged enough as kids on LU
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  6. Kaz

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    His father seems to be an arsehole. And maybe he is convincing Alex that Smith is Satan in disguise.

    Alex lied when he said he hadn't seen the video & what Smith had said. Or knew about it.

    Excerpt from his book.

    But I would ask every single one of them one simple question, including Melbourne Storm captain Cameron Smith, who (given his comments on the field at the time) was obviously of the view that me losing all feeling in my arms and legs is my fault because I had ducked my head.
  7. Dexter


    I'd say his father is an angry angry man, frustrated as hell that his son ended up like he has. I don't hate and never will hate AM I feel nothing but sympathy for his situation and I hope more than anything he regains all his movement.

    The fact remains though he ducked his his head, his arms are not pinned as has been repeatedly claimed. Nobody is blaming him as he seems to think, we all understand that he made a split second tragic decision that had the worst consequence but he did contribute by making that decision.
    One day he will realise that he would still be in the chair no matter what Smith said. If he had the audio up when he watched the vision he would have heard Warren Smith say ooooh, he just ducked his head.

    I guess all Smiths are ****.
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  8. Yup, pretty sure that's [MENTION=1976]Nashy[/MENTION]'s last name.
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  9. broncos4life

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    It is. Nashy Smith.
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  10. Dexter


    So Nashy is a cuntsmith? I don't think it's the worst thing.
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  11. Well, without the Smith....yeah.
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  12. Kaz

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    The co-writer of Alex's book David Riccio was on James Bracey Sports Tonight on Foxtel, he was asked if Smith has banned interviews with Channel 9 & he said that's what he understands.

    The dickhead then said, should he apologise or come forward & explain his role or the way Alex explained it, I believe he should, I also believe he could have cleared it up a little bit earlier & we wouldn't be talking about it. (this is word for word what he said)

  13. I have rarely heard of a case of misdirected anger that surpasses McKinnons tirades. Smith wasn't involved and if he was to be angry at anyone it would be a logical choice to blame the tacklers. At least we could understand it. Everyone feels for McKinnon and that includes Smith and McKinnon needs to move on now. He is hurting the game he loves and dragging other players and a club down with his bitterness, a bitterness that is entirely understandable.

    He was extremely unlucky and in reality, no one person is really to blame. I wish him well and I wish he would shut the **** up.
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  14. Bull Shark

    Bull Shark NRL Captain

    'divisive and disgusting' is what immediately came to mind when I saw the previews to Sunday's story and sure enough that's precisely how it played out ... So much so that two thoroughly decent men - Cameron Smith AND Alex McKinnon - are now both being described as "grubs" by certain sections of the public... Such a sad outcome to what could and should have been an uplifting and inspiring yarn.
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  15. Absolutely spot on!

    As long as it's talked about and brings in the viewers, who cares though... right Gyngell?
  16. Kaz

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    NRL has thrown its support of Cameron Smith in the wake of the Alex McKinnon controversy

    NRL chief executive Dave Smith and Head of Football Todd Greenberg have described Cameron Smith as “an icon of the game” in a strong show support for the Test and Queensland captain.
    Smith and Greenberg took the extraordinary step of phoning The Courier-Mail together on Wednesday morning to express their sincere feelings of respect and admiration towards Smith after days of headlines in the wake of the Alex McKinnon allegations in a 60 Minutes interview.

    “Cameron Smith is an absolute icon of our game both on the field and off the field,” Smith said.

    “He is one of our great leaders and he will go down in history as a great leader.

    “He puts so much effort on and off the field doing things for people that are less about himself and he has done that for well over a decade.

    “I think that needs to be recognised about him.

    “He is the captain of our Kangaroos, he is a phenomenal man, phenomenal leader and phenomenal player.

    “His character as far as we are concerned is beyond reproach.”

    Alex will be asking where his phone call is.
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  17. Hopefully they sack Alex for bringing the NRL into disrepute.
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  18. I'd rather they refuse to deal with Gyngell ever again.
  19. ivanhungryjak

    ivanhungryjak NRL Captain

    Ginnane on MMM just said that he has heard that Smith will brush Nein but will unload in the press conference.
  20. Foordy


    MMM have released the unedited version of the video that 60 minutes showed.

    VIDEO: Cameron Smith Audio Channel Nine's 60 Minutes Didn't Want You To Hear Regarding Alex McKinnon | Triple M NRL

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