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    They didn't give him a chance to! :porthozthinksthisishot:
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  1. holdzy89

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    I actually think they should have given him a bit longer, I reckon he could have scored with the roll QLD had.
  2. Wolfie

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    DCE wont play for QLD again unless everyone else goes down.
    I don't think Milford is Origin standard yet. For mine, he must be a good defender. Note I didn't say great. Milford is a bit below average defender and he should be good at least to be an Origin half . DCE or Hunt are better in they are at least more likely to get in the road rather than arm grab.
  3. So his first game in Origin wasn't enough to show that he will put his body on the line and his defence wouldn't be an issue?
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  4. Alec

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    I think we are hurting Milford by trying to turn him into a halfback. He's no Thurston IMO. He should be leaving the organising to someone else and looking for chances and opportunities and using his running game. That's what Munster was doing.
  5. No, not really. I came away still concerned at Milfs spasmodic defence. More concerns are just lingering and I'd like to see a whole season of a similar standard produced, a consistent good without ever trying be impregnable.
  6. I think that's a fallacy. In my opinion, Milford is really not that bad a defender as people make him out to be, and he showed this in SOO.
    He also doesn't have the luxury of having a Matt Gillett covering his ass, and having to deal with pretty defensively dire centres most of his career at the Broncos.
  7. Cronk may go around another year and I hope he does.

    If he does, I think that pretty much guarantees Munster the 6 jersey if he is fit and firing come Origin next year. It would be extremely difficult to resist going with an all Storm spine.

    I think Milford would need to be in 2015 form to overtake Munster in the pecking order.
  8. It's not like he can't have a running game if he gets moved to halfback. Locky still had one when he made the transition into the halves.

    I think he should be running less, to be honest. I think he needs to pick his moments better on when he runs and when he doesn't.
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  9. I think Milford at his best is better than Munster from what I've seen but agree that Munster is in front at the moment.
  10. Bucking Beads

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    I don't view Munster as a long term option in the 6 for QLD. He'll be in the team but I think Milford is best for the number 6.
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