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Discussion in 'State of Origin 2017' started by Super Freak, Jul 12, 2017.

    He exceeded my expectations tonight and had a blinder.

    Has he overtaken Milford in the pecking order and secured the 6 jersey for next series?
  1. Alec

    Alec International Rep

    Can't drop Gunster after that. That was superb.
  2. ningnangnong

    ningnangnong HACK THE PLANET!!!

    Unbelievable performance from a bloke playing his first Origin, and in a decider as well!

    I am seriously impressed.
  3. broncsgoat

    broncsgoat NRL Player

    The only way milf gets the 6 over Munster after that is if Munster retires.

    Definite candidate for best debut ever
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  4. Tom

    Tom State of Origin Rep

    @Super Freak@Super Freak Just write us off for the title right now Motherfucker. Every time you say we lose we end up smashing some poor bastard into submission like a bitch. Just write off the Broncs year now.
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  5. Broncs_Fan

    Broncs_Fan NRL Player

    Milf will be 6 and Munster 1. Morgan at centre.
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  6. Probably the best debut I've seen. Is he as effective without his teammates around him though? That's the question. His place in the team will depend a little on whether Cronk goes around again.
  7. broncsgoat

    broncsgoat NRL Player

    Morgan will be on the bench, and Boyd at full back, assuming slater retires, which he probably won't.
  8. Hopefully he has it for life. One less Bronco in the team.
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  9. I like it, but will he be as good once Smith, Cronk and Slater retire? Can't go past the combination they have, as it makes a huge difference!
    Regardless, tonight's performance was one for the ages, and he has rightfully earned a whole lot of credit.

    Could see Milf at fullback with Munster at 6 as well. And if GI doesn't come back, Morgan will do just fine at centre too!
    Despite how much I despise him, DCE could partner any of them if he keeps playing at the current level this and next season, otherwise I hope Taylor takes it to the next level and presents his candidacy.

    P.S. I won't make myself popular with this opinion, but Boyd's spot in any scenario, should be wing imo.
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  10. holdzy89

    holdzy89 NRL Captain

    Looks like it might be next year.
  11. Dash

    Dash NRL Player

    Munster will be at fullback for the Storm once Slater retires, so you'd think Munster 1, Milford 6 will be the eventual positions.
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  12. Sproj


    I wanted Munster in from game 1, he is too good to not be in the side somewhere.
  13. Organix

    Organix NRL Player

    He was definitely playing better than Milf. He is a gun and so confident. Plays direct. DCE would be a better replacement for Cronk though.
  14. 1910

    1910 State of Origin Rep

    He is best on ground last night- after the game too.

    $5000 Storm/Bunn got him for when he was the Capras fullback! He is just a great footballer. He picks options and he understands football. Still plenty of rough edges and off the field he still needs a bit of guidance.

    ISC Rookie of the year in 2013, Capras Under 18 player of the year the year before- no one wanted him.

    That try v Bears, intercept and run is the greatest ISC try.
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  15. 100% his jersey.
  16. Sproj


    For real? Then what the heck is wrong with Broncos talent scouts and recruitment?? Anyone who knows anything about football could see this kid had a massive future.
  17. Morkel


    I'm of the same thought. He played brilliantly, no doubt about it, but every time he had the ball he had Slater buzzing beside him. Slater jinks and weaves constantly, even before he has the ball, and makes the defence so nervous that Munster is afforded a lot of room (kind of like how Guerra looked untouchable in his first few games because Inglis was taking the heat off of him).

    Of course, there's no reason to suggest Slater won't be there, or whoever plays fullback can't do the same job (or even Inglis at centre if that's where he plays when he returns).
  18. Brisbane invited him to a development camp and reportedly weren't interested in him afterwards. He started turning heads at Colts and had interest from Brisbane, Canterbury & Melbourne. Brisbane were first priority, but the deal was only one year with an option for two. Both Canterbury & Melbourne offered him two year deals and he took Melbourne up on his offer.

    Bunn was hesitant but he saw something in Munster and wanted to give him a shot.

    Munster was something of a late bloomer. Junior rep jerseys were hard to come by and it took him time to figure out his best position. He actually started off as a small hooker but he grew and eventually found himself in the halves where he started making inroads.

    Him and Glasby are wonderful success stories for the junior pathways in the QRL.
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  19. Sproj


    So you've got two other good clubs interested and you have to do is offer an extra year at base wage and you get the kid who is raw sure but obviously talented and you go, 'stuff it, one year. Take it or go to one of the other clubs.'

    Our recruitment team needed to be re-recruited.
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