Daley takes over NSW coaching gig

Discussion in 'State of Origin 2012' started by Big Pete, Aug 21, 2012.

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    Daley hasn't had the club coaching experience that Mal had, but for the past five years he's been the Country origin coach and has also coached the Indigenous All-Stars. Obviously neither of these competitions are comparable to Origin in terms of intensity or strategy, but both of them require him to bring together a group of footballers from a number of different clubs and prepare them for a match within a short space of time.

    The biggest question marks around him are his selection tendencies, and his tactical thinking. Both the CRL and All-Stars sides are picked by selectors/fans, so we have no way of knowing what kind of lineup a Daley-selected side will run out with. Likewise, I'm not sure if he will have the nous to come up with a Queensland-beating game plan. As the only person who actually watches City-Country, I've seen some cleverness in the play of the Country team, but their competition is nowhere near as class as Queensland.

    His lack of business experience is as irrelevant as Meninga's political career. The NSWRL job won't require him to balance a budget, sign cheques, hire/fire staff, etc. He's there to pick 17 footballers and to train them to win a game, exactly like Mal. If the role of coach required experience in the business world, a lot of current coaches would be out of a job.

    I don't like Fittler for the role any more than Daley. If it were up to me I'd have kept Stuart on at all costs, regardless of his Eels job. But Daley getting the gig isn't enough to make me crank the Adele up and sit in the shower with all the lights switched off just yet.
  2. The point isn't about signing cheques etc. It's about managing people of different disciplines and skillsets. As Origin coach he's going to have to coordinate with team management, with physio and medical staff, with media, much more so than he did with his piddly Country and Indigenous team roles.

    And we already have a fair idea of his selection tendencies. He was Origin selector for most of Queensland's winning dynasty.
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    His management responsibilities won't extend past the players and assistants, so the role really doesn't differ all that much from the CRL/All Stars jobs. There's no reason to think that he doesn't have the necessary people skills to manage a representative side.
    I never thought much of Daley as City/Country coach. Despite fielding the stronger side each year his record stands at an ordinary 2-2-1, 1 of those wins coming in the last minute when Uate swooped on a loose pass.

    Maybe it's the nature of City/Country but it seems like every year that there seems to be more confusion than actual answers, which is the point of the contest. Like clockwork you'll hear the commentators voice their disappointment as it becomes evident that the standard of the contest isn't where it should be and that players who should be staking their claims rarely seem to put their hands up.

    I'm not saying it's game over for NSW just yet, I think Ricky has done too much good work and there's too much talent in NSW to write it all off based on a coaching appointment but it doesn't fill me with a lot of faith.

    Unsure if you can really compare it to Meninga either, Meninga was more like Stuart for me in that it was refreshing to have a coach who has the respect of his players and doesn't have any official ties to other clubs.

    Guess we'll get our first inkling when the side is announced.
  4. Dexter


    Feel a bit sorry for Daley really, he seems like a genuine bloke. He is on a hiding to nothing with Stuart spruiking away about how much he has closed the gap etc and I read one article where he claimed they were the better side in all 3 games.

    Everyone seems to be lapping it up too, so Daley has to win or look like a nuffy. Even if he goes as close as Stuarts team they will say it was all Stuarts structures and if he loses by a bit then he has taken the team backwards.
  5. The appointment of daley is the best result QLD could of hoped for. Absolutely no idea, basically a notch above someone with a disorder. He is as thick as they come and has Wally Lewis standard coaching behind him. Even his record is not that flash, about 50/50 I think....we are truly on track for 10 so Mal can give it away...I'm sure that's his plan..win 10 get out while in front...chuckle chuckle
  6. I don't know........it'd be easy enough to dislike him I reckon.

    That nose for starters and the beady eyes.....(or are the eyes beady because of the nose....it's hard to tell)

    anyway...... I get the feeling sometimes his co-commentators are laughing at him behind his back because of some of the stupid shit he comes out with.

    Gallen likes him though

    ....gotta keep crybaby Paul happy
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    Pretty late time to give an opinion but here it is anyway. I don't mind Lozza as an Origin coach he is better than Freddie who would treat it as a game LOL. Laurie was a successful man manager and that is what Origin coaching is all about, (Mal was an ordinary club coach but manages the QLD team to the highest level). I've always respected Laurie, he is one of my idols and is the greatest NSW captain. He will need some strategists assisting him though.
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    what about tommy redonikas . bring back the biff . cattledogs lol
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    It's Raudonikis not redonikas. His game plan would just consist of putting a fight on. Love his euthasium and passion but he is not up to coaching in these times.
  10. It's enthusiasm, not euthasium. Unless you wanted to do everyone a favor and euthanize Raudonikis? :001_tt2:
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    Don't you love it, when a 'spelling nazi' spells a word incorrectly.
  12. fredie

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    tommy would drink a case of beer every training run lol
  13. Broncoman

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    He smoked winfield reds when he coached
    when he played too......

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