Daley takes over NSW coaching gig

Discussion in 'State of Origin 2012' started by Big Pete, Aug 21, 2012.

    NSW will learn that they'll have to out-score their opposition to win.
  1. Congratulations Queensland. You just won 9 series in a row
  2. Son Edo

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    Yeah goodluck to the guy and hopefully he can pick up where stuart left off.
  3. Bucking Beads

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    It's making my head spin how many series in a row we could win
  4. dukey

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  5. Kaz

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    Did he win the vote by a nose.
  6. Ari Gold

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    Lol. It's like they dont even want to win.
  7. I like how he beat a field including Barrett (LOL), Fittler (Double LOL) and Daniel Anderson.

    Of the 4, there's only one who IMO is a decent tactical coach. Anderson. His problem is more so maintaining player harmony at a club (and given he's done it at Parramatta and the Warriors, it's probably not entirely his fault).

    He would've actually worried me.

    The other 3? LOLZ
  8. Kaz

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    One good thing about him being the Blues coach is, he will be off Foxtel for several weeks during Origin. :thumbup1:
  9. Kaz

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    On the couriermail site it has this photo


    And underneath it said, that smile won't last.
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    thanks NSW, it's not like we needed the help, but thanks anyway
  12. It doesn't matter how shit you are, so long as you're mates with NSWRL, you're goo enough.

    What qualifications does he have "His wife makes an amazing potato salad".
  13. Alec

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    He always wears some nice suits.
  14. The Brizz

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    I read an article yesterday where Gallen came out and basically completely discredited Anderson and Murray by saying it had to be a former player to get the gig. I think that is absolutely pathetic of a current player discrediting guys who have actual genuine coaching experience including grand final appearances because he thinks they need a guy who "gets" Origin. Pretty sure Gould and Bennett never played Origin footy and they both certainly got it plus had the tactical accumen to actually build a side capable of winning footy matches. I would hope Gallen didn't influence the decision but to be honest Daley's CV is a unsuccessful stint as Assistant to Nathan Brown at St George and one game a year with Country which is a mickey mouse game. The only thing of substance Daley has is his playing career and that means nothing, Wally was a rubbish coach.
  15. dukey

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    A mate and I were discussing this today. Neither of us is all that impressed by the choice, but we realised that Daley has better qualifications for the job than Mal did at his appointment. I think it will come down to his support staff.
  16. LOL. I thought this was a troll thread. To be fair if NSW score more points than QLD they'll win the game. If Daley is good at anything, it's stating the bleeding obvious, maybe that's all that is needed at origin level.
  17. NSW will have good leg speed next year.
  18. OXY-351

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    Will he get his own seat this time?
    Really? Mal had 5 years as Canberra first grade coach from 1997-2001. Admittedly the last year he was "co-coach" with Matt Elliott which was his handover. In that time they made the finals in 1997 (3rd), 1998 (7th) and 2000 (4th). Sure, he wasn't awesome, but he also didn't have an awesome team given the likes of Mullins, Clyde, Wiki and Stuart left or had left.

    Given he then left the game for a few years, ran some businesses, before coming back to coach Origin is the perfect apprenticeship. He learnt about coaching, then he learnt about managing people outside football.

    Daley has forever been within rugby league, and his coaching experience is very lean. He's never faced the scrutiny of a first grade coach, and never had the responsibility of a business riding on his shoulders.

    Frankly I think Fittler was a far better candidate out of the former players they listed

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