Danny Weidler's article

Old Mate

NRL Player
The verbal abuse against Stewart and Bird are terribely unfair on them. I doubt those fans have meet him so how can they fairly judge if he is a good person or not. I've meet him and can tell you what he realy is like.
Glassed a chick?

Old Mate

NRL Player
I assume by meeting you mean you've hand a hand shake, and said g'day to him. Because if so, you're never going to meet a football player who is a bad person.

Their public face is absolutely no indication of what sort of person they are.

Of course, you could be great mates with the scum bag. If that's the case, I am disgusted that your mother would let you hang around a bloke who was convicted of glassing a female. Let me remind you what glassing is.

It's the act of taking a glass, and using great force to smash it into someone's face. Just imagine that for a second. Now that you've imagined getting smashed in the head by a glass, stop to think what kind of scum bag would inflict such horrible wounds to another person? Now think, he did it to his partner! One person that trusted, and knew him more than anyone.
Oh my god, this!

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