VOTE Darius Boyd vs Billy Slater

Discussion in 'State of Origin 2017' started by Big Pete, Jun 1, 2017.

Who should be the Maroons fullback for Game II

  1. Billy Slater

  2. Darius Boyd

  3. Other

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  1. Smartseal

    Smartseal QCup Player

    One thing for sure though, if Boyd plays on the wing them I'm loading up on him being first try scorer.
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  2. OXY-351

    OXY-351 NRL Player

    Depends if he plays outside Chambers or not. Either way he won't be playing outside Inglis.
  3. Smartseal

    Smartseal QCup Player

    JT kick to the corner
    With just over 3 minutes remaining, Queensland shift it from sideline to sideline, Thurston, to Cronk, to Smith and to Slater. Billy drawing on his experience runs an angle towards the sideline, beats Maloney, creating the opportunity for Morgan and Gagai to combine.

    Look at the names there, look at the play and look at the amount of pressure they were under. These players are just winners and Billy Slater earned his way back into the team after suffering a shoulder injury that would have seen others retire.

    Unbelievable from the Maroons legend and how good is it that he got the last laugh on Maloney?
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  4. Alec

    Alec International Rep

    I'm happy to keep Billy at fullback. Once we play on a ground where players don't slip over 50% of the time, our attack should be more effective too.
  5. Pushkin

    Pushkin QCup Player

    Boyd biggest problem is he don't involve too much in the game. Last night all the hard yard done by gagai and chambers. Same thing with broncos he don't run hard.
  6. If they don't pass it out left, it's not going to happen. Everytime he touched the ball, he went towards the middle. So they clearly were told to attack down our right.
  7. I have to admit QLD made the right call bringing Slater back in.

    I don't think Boyd would have been a bad option and we would have still won with him, but Slater's explosive speed really troubled the NSW defence and it was one of the reasons why we won the series.
  8. mieko

    mieko QCup Player

    Hands down Billy everyday of the week. I think Boyd is a fantastic player but in origin if Slater is fit, he's the fullback for sure with Boyd on the wing.
  9. Billy literally made the difference in Game II, come on. We wouldn't have won that one without him imo.

    It's not a comparison between the individuals only, it's more importantly about the combination with the other spine players, much like things were much easier for Munster in game III with Smith, Cronk and Slater there.
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  10. Broncs_Fan

    Broncs_Fan NRL Player

    Billy is better than Darius. This series proved that. Boyd is still a great player.

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