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Round 27: STORM - THU, Aug 31, 8pm (SUNCORP)

  • Play twice against: Panthers, Cowboys, Rabbitohs, Eels, Storm, Raiders, Titans, Redcliffe
  • Play once against: Roosters, Sharks, Manly, Knights, Dragons, Warriors, Tigers, Bulldogs
  • 8 of first 12 games at Suncorp (Rd 4 v Redcliffe & Rd 10 v Manly are 'away' games).
  • Play three games in Sydney area for entire regular season
  • Home games: 5 Saturdays, 3 Fridays, 3 Thursdays, 1 Sunday
  • Gabba games: Redcliffe, Roosters, Eels
  • Travel to Darwin, Napier, Melbourne, Sunny Coast, Townsville, Canberra
  • Byes in Rd 16, 19 and 25

"It is exciting. Any time there is a rivalry in sport it is good for the sport. The Dolphins have started the year pretty well, obviously winning both games, and have some good form. Any time there is a team coached by Wayne Bennett you know they are going to be tough to beat. We will show a lot of respect for them."​
"Bennett is not out there playing but I know the philosophies that he will come to the game with. They have been showing it the first two rounds. It is nothing new. Obviously they are out there playing for their coach and doing a great job of it. We know each other pretty well but I am at a new team and he is at a new club."​
"I sent him a text the other day but he brushed me. No, he wrote back. I just wished him well for his first game. I have a good relationship with Wayne and a lot of respect for him. It is good to see him back in the game and back coaching and doing what he loves doing."​
"Yeah he does know plenty about my playbook. That is the fun of rugby league. I enjoy those little clashes. I have been playing rugby league for a long time now and there is a lot of inside knowledge from coaches and game plans week-to-week. It is obviously interesting, but we have a few tricks up our sleeve as well."​

I’m mostly just worried about Kaufusi derailing our season
If he takes the plea, it’s 3 weeks otherwise longer. That grub got away too many times & though it’s only R3, he’s due to sit on the sidelines for long.
Abdo isn't ruling out a return to Monday night football, if they introduce an 18th team, but it's more likely to trigger an extra Sunday game:

“We would have to carefully consider it. Having the nine fixtures is a great thing, it’s more football for fans, more games. When it would be played, obviously, that would be a very strategic consideration. There is a whole range of factors that need to be considered.”​
"The draw is really complex, you would have to carefully look through the nuances of five day turnarounds. But we would want to engage with our fans about what timeslot would be optimal for them. And that will be done in all the work that is ahead of us."​
“We’ve been incredibly excited about the response of fans for the game. But it hasn’t been just this season, but in the last few years. This season is also the highest live attendance that we’ve had in over a decade. But have also had incredible growth in ratings on all platforms. The fans are really supporting us, and supporting our teams. We’ve had a number of really exciting close games, low margins in games and thrilling golden point games.”​

Fox Sports Executive Director Steve Crawley:

“We want to be a partner to the NRL and we’ll always have an open mind when it comes to that decision and what they would want to do. We very much supported the introduction of the Dolphins. You could definitely go to three games on a Sunday. If you can have a 2pm and 4pm game, you can have one at 6pm. There is a hole there."​
Apart from Monday night games being the absolute worst when it comes to attendances... and to me also football fatigue by the time Monday night rolls around after starting on the previous Thursday... but a Monday game could introduce complications with the 11-day turnarounds as well.

A player could end up missing 2 games if they get a concussion on Monday and then have a Thursday game 2 rounds later... could possibly include Friday games as well pending when the 11 days start
5 days a week of league? I know it isn’t great for attendance but must be great for ratings. 5 days of league and one less 360? Sign me up

I've given us literally one loss on current form up to Round 10, against Souffs. Parra, Souffs and Manly are all potential danger games (especially Parra @ TIO) but I think we can beat at least 2 of them if we keep our heads where they currently are. Smug and Scum will definitely be chasing our tails given their draws, although the game this weekend against the Sombreros is pretty make or break for the Scum in particular.

Sadly the Origin period and its immediate aftermath is bound to deliver a few losses, so we need to make hay while the sun shines RIGHT NOW; Go into late May/early June with a 9 and 1 record and start resting players on a rotation, especially in the backline where our depth is strongest.
That below are our games to come. Note the previous opponents of our games. Rounds 13 to 17 we have opponents who come into the round after a bye. Yes in Round 17 both Titans and us come off byes after Origin 2.

Cooper Cronk is struggling with his tips:

“I don’t have a lot of confidence in the Broncos – last year still rings a bell for me. What was it? Fourth after 19 rounds and what they did after that."​
"A lot of their play this year has been very good to watch and a lot of it has been through their power game and getting on the front foot. But what are the Broncos like when they are on the back foot. That second half against Souths last week showed what they were on the back foot. If they get their game up and going they are hard to stop – they are powerful, young, fast, electric. But if they don’t get their game on, what is their option two and three. I want to see a little bit more of that – them on the back foot, how do they respond, before I say yes or no either way.”​
cronk should go get that nose fixed lack of oxygen really doing a number
Why..what exactly did he say that wasn't true, I've found that he normally speaks a lot of sense..
we have been on the back foot plenty of times this year and found a way to win cronk in print alot like his commentary throws words out there and prays they all come together imo

Round 10 has come and gone, so I went ahead and went ham all the way up to the final round. The usual suspects got kissed right on the knob as far as their draws over Origin season, notably Penrith, Souffs and Melbourne. A top 4 finish is on the cards for us, provided nothing dramatically bad happens. We'll have Souffs @ Accor Week 1 of the finals, because of course we will.

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