LIVE England vs New Zealand Test Series

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    It's half time and it's all locked up 12-12.

    An interesting first half. I can't really pick a winner either way.
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  1. NZ getting a good roll on with their forwards. England struggling to contain them.

    Taupau is a beast. Manly would be stupid to let him go to the Roosters.
  2. How does Maumalo get in the side over Isaako?
    A terrible set from England and a terrible kick from Tomkins.

    That was a Ben Hunt special.

    And now they have conceded a penalty. I think NZ will score here.
  3. Nice milking from Johnson and now they are taking the two.

    Penalty goals should be banned.
  4. Oh my god it's like watching Union.

    **** off with the penalty goals!
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  5. Nice try!

    Gildart getting through DWZ like it was nothing. England take the lead!
  6. England starting to find some weaknesses in the NZ defence.

    Why didn't Burgess look right? Lomax was right there in support.
  7. Excellent kick return from Makinson!
  8. That should be a penalty to NZ.
  9. I like this ref.

    He isn't tolerating players laying around in the play the ball.
  10. England's defence has been quite good.

    They have improved in that department over the past couple of years.
  11. And that's surely game over now.

    NZ might get a couple more chances.
  12. Spoke too soon.

    NZ going to get one more good opportunity to win the game.
  13. That was shit from Johnson.

    They would have had another tackle up their sleeve. Set up for one more play. Instead he puts in a nothing grubber and England get the ball back and have won the game.
  14. Looking at the replay, I really don't think a penalty try should have been awarded to England.

    The foul play didn't stop him from scoring. He was going to be held up regardless. But I guess over there they crack down harder on those situations.

  15. The second game will start in 4 hours at 12:30.

    I'm expecting the Kiwis to be better, but I think England will win and wrap up the series. I just think they have shown a lot of improvement in the past couple of years and are a tougher side.

    The one thing that will go in Kiwis favour though is that England are missing Widdop. Tomkins just isn't a half. They are missing that bit of direction that Widdop provides. They could also use his kicking game.
  16. Broncs_Fan

    Broncs_Fan NRL Player

    How does Isaako not get a start in this NZ team given he is on tour? Is he injured?
  17. Why the **** did Sutton stop play?

    Nothing wrong with what happened.
    Late shot?

    That is a **** rubbish call. This shit is getting ridiculous. Thanks Thurston.

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