LIVE England vs New Zealand Test Series

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    England going for the penalty goal? What a shock...
  1. That was pretty weak defence from Tomkins.

    DWZ just went straight through.
  2. Rapana looks like he has done his shoulder trying to reach out to score.
    England are in trouble here.
  3. Broncs_Fan

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    England going no where in attack.
  4. These errors from England are hurting them.
  5. That was nice.

    England finally make Rapana pay for being too far in.

    That should give them a big boost going into half time.
  6. England should keep attacking NZ's right side.
  7. **** DWZ did well to hold up Burgess there.
  8. No way they can award that.
  9. How was that a knock on?
  10. England are destroying NZ's right edge defence.

    They have scored all of their tries down that edge and now have the chance to take the lead.
  11. England should be ahead by 6 but Connor's goal kicking has been awful.

    15 minutes left. 14-all. Game on.
  12. Bad error from DWZ.

    Gives England a great opportunity to take the lead.
  13. Shit final pass and England bomb a certain try.

    But once again, England creating opportunities down NZ's right edge. Just keep attacking that edge.
  14. Rapana in a bad way.

    That could be serious. Raiders better hope it's not.
  15. England's kicking needs to be better.

    Don't want to give NZ opportunities to kick a field goal.
  16. WHAT A TRY!

    That was brilliant from Makinson.
  17. He lost it!
    This is going to be no try.

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