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    They awarded it..

    That wasn't a try.
  1. I wouldn't blame NZ for being filthy with that last try being awarded.

    But at the end of the day, they have themselves to blame. Their right edge was a liability defensively and they didn't fix it. All of England's tries came from attacking that right edge.

    Just like in the first game, NZ were well on top early but they just couldn't maintain that and let England back in it.

    I like what Bennett has done with this side. There was a time England would have crumbled under the pressure and lost badly, but they have become a tougher side under Bennett.

    I can see them beating Australia now that the likes of Smith, Thurston, Cronk and Slater are all gone. The next WC should be very interesting.
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  2. Hope Burgess gets sat on his ass for a long stint for his eye gouge. **** grub ****.
    He has been hit with a Grade D contrary behaviour offence, which carries a ban of between 3-5 games.

    If he is found guilty, he will miss the next Test match. Any other games will then be served in the opening rounds of the Rabbitohs’ NRL campaign.
  3. Good. Grubby shit bag. I hope they don't take the other player's word into consideration. It shouldn't be up to your bros on the field to say "Naaah he didn't do that, he's a good guy".
  4. Sproj


    You mean, "Nah bru, he dudn't do ut, huz a gud cuzz, ye boi"
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  5. He's been suspended for 4 games.

    He will miss the next test and the first three games of the NRL season.
  6. Good. Hope his first game back he cops a finger in the eye from one of his dickhead brothers.
  7. The contact on Proctor had no impact on that play. The try was being scored regardless. Discretion could have easily been used there.
  8. I think this England team can win the next World Cup.

    If it were this year, I would say no. But they are forming a good side and if they can build on this series and improve in certain areas, add in the fact they will have home ground advantage, then they can win it.
  9. Come on, one of the NZ players has to go to the bin now.

    How many penalties do they have to concede before a player gets sat down?
  10. My god, Sutton is **** useless in this game.
  11. Horseheadsup

    Horseheadsup NRL Player

    What's the score please Super Freak ?
  12. 12-0 in favour of NZ.
  13. Make that 18-0.
  14. Horseheadsup

    Horseheadsup NRL Player

    Bloody hell. Cheers.
  15. Jedhead

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    Knik clearly outshone SJ in this game, his short passing game, kicking, running, backing up and pinpoint accuracy were all on show. Let's hope it's a taste of what he will offer next season.

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