FOOTBALL English Premier League 23/24 Discussion

Casemiro with a near bicycle kick to get Man U on the board... come on!!
Aston Villa leading 1-0 in their match against Liverpool.
Come on United.

Don't let Bournemouth grow in confidence.
Come on Ten Hag, time to get Garnacho on.
Holy **** that was a great save from Neto.

Bruno fucking smashed that.
I get the feeling 1 goal isn't going to be enough.

We need another.
Jeez Weghorst, just take a shot and hope for a favourable rebound.
***** sake stop turning over the ball.
Thank **** for that!

That was a much needed win.

Now if Villa hold on, Man United have a guaranteed top 4 finish!
***** sake Villa.

You couldn't do us any favours.
Liverpool v Villa game ends 1-1.

So Man United not guaranteed a top 4 finish yet, but all they need is a draw in any of their next two games to be guaranteed a top 4 finish.

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