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    You take the good with the bad. He was also the main reason for our first try with his shot on Jennings forcing him into a stupid offload in which he had no control. He also has managed to effectively shut down Michael Jennings for the past 2 games
  2. Yeah, I'm not saying he should be dropped because of it, but imo he isn't good enough to keep Chambers out when fit.
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    O'Neill certainly didnt embarass himself, but he should be way down the pecking order at full strength.
    9-4 NSW errors tells the story.

    They threw a lot at the Maroons, but at the end of the day, they just didn't have the cohesion. This was highlighted on numerous examples, whether it was Klemmer playing flat to Fifita who lost it, Maloney going himself when Walker and Ferguson were into space and losing it, or the numerous examples of the Blues throwing the ball over the sideline

    The other talking point was how it really was a game of inches.

    Gagai came desperately close to going over the sideline for the first try, he barely grounded the ball for his third and Jennings only just got a touch on the ball to deny NSW a try that could have decided the entire series. I think the Blues were a touch unlucky, had the referees made a deal about Cronk interfering with Frizell or Gagai's suss grounding then the result may have been different.

    Which isn't to deny the greatness of this Maroons outfit. As Chris Garry wrote in his article, the biggest change Kev has made to the Maroons is how they're a threat on both sides of the park. With Mal, the Maroons were far more successful down the left hand side with Inglis and Boyd bagging 33 tries together. This series it's 4-1 to the right side. The key has been Kev's ability to exploit Jennings' defence and his tendency to rush up and fail to get his man. We've seen this in Broncos game, with Ben Hunt in particular benefiting from this bad habit.

    For the Maroons, it's just another chapter in their amazing dynasty. Their composure and trust in one another is unlike anything I've seen. Years from now, we're going to be talking about these players in the same way that people talk about Messenger, Brown and Churchill.

    It seems like the big talking point after the game is the Blues having a long term plan. I do agree in a sense, but they have to be patient. The way some Blues players have been thrown under the bus for this performance suggests that they're going to go through players like water.

    They've got to pick the right players and stick solid with them. A player like Cartwright, Tedesco or Peats may not kill it in their first outing, but they can't just cast them aside after one bad performance. They need to be patient and build a positive culture where ball-playing and creativity is encouraged. Laurie has built a solid foundation in terms of their defence. However, if you want to win a series you cannot be on the back-foot the entire time.
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    Was at training today but was just walking the dog.
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    No Cookies | The Courier Mail
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    Finally some justice for the wall
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    Well if the best he can do when he's pissed is punch a hole in a plastboard wall, then the qlders should really bait him up in game 3, cos even if he throws a punch it'd be like a mozzie bite, and get swatted away. They probably should of called the waaaaaammmmbulance
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    it's a pity they won't take any action against him for initially refusing a drugs test
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    Makes you wonder why he was refusing. Players know that they can be tested any time. Regardless of whether he was upset about the game, why refuse? Did he think they'd say "okay, another time maybe?".
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    Lol man child
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    This waste of space will end up in jail. Without question.
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    I do not agree with the barage of criticism that is being heaped on the Blues from the likes of Gould , Geyer and even Fatty Vautin. Every man and his dog seems have a theory of what they did wrong. In reality they did not do much wrong at all and could have easily been on the winning side of the ledger in both games.

    The fact is Qld is a hell of a side and JT and Cam Smith are future immortals and NSW did well to push them to the very limit. I am no fan of Gallens,but you got to give the guy credit for having been a great competitor for his state/. He is ten times the player Gould ever was.

    People seem to forget how hard it was for Qld to win a series when NSW had the likes of Stuart, Daley and Johns at the helm. Its has just been our turn.

    Gallen and Daley have every right to tell these know it alls to STFU.
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    Just for fun, take a look at Aaron Woods' efforts in the two tackles starting at 78:55.

    I think you'll see pretty much what you'd expect from NSW.
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    Very UFC lol
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    He was doing that cheap shot shit all game !!

    Totally overated gronk IMO and i hope they keep picking him.
  16. I agree with this, and I agree with the post by Big Pete above. The primary issue with NSW over the last 10 years has been their spine, and the reality is that they have not had the players in those positions to match the Maroons. But, the selectors have compounded the issue by not selecting some of their best players or selecting players out of position (eg Hayne). The real difference between the two sides is the spine. What NSW need to do now is instead of chopping and changing, identify their core group of young players, select them in their proper positions and seed some experience around. Be prepared to cop another 2-3 series losses with the hope of going on a run when those younger players are seasoned.

    If they choose to not do this and hope that things will switch when Cronk, Thurston and Smith retire, the bad news is that the next crop of Qld players coming through like Milford, Hunt, Mbye, Taylor, Munster, Holmes, Napa etc with proper succession planning are well positioned to continue the rout in the foreseeable future.
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    He won't be, still a month away at this point.

    Too easy to re-fracture your foot coming back early.
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    He took out Robbie Farah by accident, or did he? An ineffective knee aimed at Guerra but Farah finished with a concussion.

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