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    Thats what they said on the news tonight
  2. Reported what as Klemmer? You didn't quote anyone, which is why it was confusing.
  3. He is referring to the article I posted, I think.
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    Yesh i was... sorry couple of big work days
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  5. Yeah she's hot and all, but imagine Toovey for a father in law. You wouldn't want to piss him off, and there'd be an investigation for everything you do wrong.
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  6. The black silk bath robe she was wearing really worked for me too...!!

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    Could never work. Imagine you're on the job and catch a glimpse of toovs.
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  9. He is a convicted drug cheat.

    No slander.
  10. Post in question has been removed.
  11. I'd agree if the post stated that but it did not. It claimed an untruth and that is libel or slander. It is a fine line but we should not be making false claims on this site or anywhere for that matter.
  12. Good call.
  13. In the interest of transparency, I've removed it because it implies guilt. I won't name names, but past actions cannot be used to imply current/future guilt, that's borderline slander and isn't allowed. So I respectfully ask to refrain from doing so.
  14. On a different topic, is Peptide Paul Gallen officially the most losingenest captain in origin history?
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  15. When you look at the win/loss ratio and series losses. Yes

    6 wins from 15 games. 5 series losses.
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    Any word on what duties, if any, Kevvie will have with the Broncos after origin 3? I'd imagine the state responsibilities are pretty light until next year.

    Would love to see some more set plays show up in our club matches!
  17. He was solid in defense, but after making a dumb penalty that resulted in the NSW'kers first try, and how slow he looked when chasing Maloney (Tyson Frizell looks like Usain Bolt compared to him), I would have no qualms to see Chambers return in game 3.
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    To be fair, Maloney is no slouch.
  19. Maloney is not exactly slow.

    He ran onto that ball and ran straight. O'Neill had to stop, turn around and run.

    Cronk couldn't even come close to catching Maloney and he has shown some good speed, as well.

    However, if Chambers is fit, O'Neill won't be playing in Game 3. He was only there to begin with because Chambers was injured.
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    O'Neill deserves to see the series out
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