PRE-GAME Game 3 - NSW vs QLD

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  1. 1910

    1910 State of Origin Rep

    Training about to start.
  2. 'We want to make a point': Oates

    COREY Oates says he has been blessed with a “dream” debut Origin series, but it is far from over in his books.

    The Maroons winger, who made his debut in this year’s series opener, is on track to have the perfect Origin career so far as the Queensland side aim for a 3-0 whitewash on Wednesday.

    The 21-year-old starred in Queensland’s tough Game One victory and the series-clincher two weeks ago. He was even lucky enough to score a try in Origin II in front of a home crowd.

    And Oates says he is still pinching himself over how well his first Origin series has gone so far.

    “In Game Two, the first half flew by, the first 20 minutes of the second half flew by and the last 20 minutes of the game just took forever,” he said.

    “As it gets closer to the end, you get that feeling in your body that it can’t really be happening.

    “It’s my first series and to get two wins in a row, you can only really dream of that.

    “I didn’t really think that would happen for a first series. Now we have the chance to get them 3-0.”

    Given how well things have gone for Oates this season, you could almost expect him to go into cruise control for Game Three. But he said he is more determined than ever to get the win over the Blues in Sydney.

    He said he wants to make his dream series all that better by achieving a whitewash victory for the first time since 2010.

    While many have labelled the game a “dead rubber”, Oates said he will not take his foot off the accelerator as Queensland aim for perfection.

    “We want to prove that we want to win the last game,” he said.

    “We’re not just going to go in like it’s a dead rubber. People are saying it is, but it’s not to us.

    “We’re going to go in there and make a point ourselves. It’s going to be another great game of footy and hopefully there’s a good turnout.”

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  3. 1910

    1910 State of Origin Rep

    Training done- next one is Sunday morning v the 20's.
  4. vertigo

    vertigo NRL Captain

    Hope our boys don't get injured, other than that wgaf.
  5. 1910

    1910 State of Origin Rep

    Inglis earns his Statesmen Award for 30 games.

    Wally Lewis
    Mal Meninga
    Allan Langer
    Darrren Lockyer
    Petero Civoniceva
    Cameron Smith
    Johnathan Thurston
    Nate Myles
    Greg Inglis
  6. That's some elite company right there.

    Queensland has had some awesome forwards in their day. Most wouldn't think of him straight away, but Nate Myles is one of those players that I would have to have in my 17. He was the quintessential example of what happens when you put on that jersey. It doesn't matter how ordinary he's going at club level, for Queensland he never looks out of place.

    I've been a big fan of his since his debut for the Maroons. I remember both him and Sammy made a noticeable difference off the bench. In a way, their stints felt like a real changing of the guard moment.
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  7. Who could forget the enjoyment of Roosters fans complaining about "Why doesn't he play like that for us?"

    As cliche as it is, some players just grow another leg when they pull that jersey on. He's one.
  8. Broncoman

    Broncoman State of Origin Rep

    Bit surprised that Inglis has played 30 games. He has been in the team since 2006 though, I feel old that I remember his debut.

    Tommorow night is a dead rubber but they don't exist in Origin. I'm watching that 3rd game from 2009 and its great that i remember what a great game that was. Such great attack and defense from both sides, that game had everything. Lol at David Williams he was soooooooo out of his depth at Origin.
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  9. animal eater

    animal eater QCup Player

    Seeing how Manly are more or less out of the picture for this season, I think it should be in Myles hands to lay out a nice goodbye to Gallen tonight. Someone has to rough up this gem of a human. A couple of weeks on the sidelines shouldn't worry Nate.
  10. ivanhungryjak

    ivanhungryjak NRL Captain

    True, I'd love to see Qld up by about twenty and Nate just lay into him. It'd be worth ten in the bin!
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  11. Thinking back on the past few dead rubbers...

    2014 - Such a cathartic win to the Maroons after the Blues had frustrated them all series with their defence. It was a sign of things to come, providing Game III 2015 with an eery sense of deja vu.

    2010 - The Maroons finally swept the Blues, but things had gotten so bad for NSW, it seemed like more focus was placed on the spread than anything else. One of the better dead rubbers from an entertainment perspective, but one of the strangest post-game reactions I can remember.

    2009 - This was what Origin was all about. Did it have the highest completion rates? No, and it was disappointing to hear that the Maroons went on a bender in lieu of the game. However, there was a lot of emotion out there and in the cold light of day it was great theatre to see it play out as they did. If there were concerns that fans were going to tune out of next year's series because the Maroons were too dominant, they were quickly quelled.

    2007 - It's always a shame when the Maroons fail to win, but in the case, I feel like even a few Blues fans would agree with me. This would have been remembered like 89 had Queensland managed to pull it off, but the mountain proved too steep. While it was an easy series to enjoy from a Maroons perspective, I thought the emergence of Brett Stewart, Greg Bird, Jarryd Hayne, Ryan Hoffman etc. made for good competition moving forward.

    2003 - There's one image that sums the game up for me. The Maroons had just added to the scoreboard when the camera panned towards the crowd and found Barry Gommersall. The Grasshopper had a grin from ear to ear and gave the two big thumbs up. It was a great night to be a Maroons fan.

    2000 - It felt like the ending the series deserved. The Blues were incredible that evening and after the controversy surrounding Game I, it felt like salt in the wound. I haven't watched the game since it aired, but it strikes me as odd that the Broncos had been so dominant all year and yet the bulk of their roster was destroyed in this one game.
  12. Morkel


    Was 2007 when Dallas Johnson knocked himself out in the first set, but came back on later because we had so many injuries? We were within one try until right at the death, NSW made breaks but our desperate defence held on until they finally put it to bed late.

    Also remember it to be the end of Carl Webb's career - he gallantly played 80 minutes for the maroons, which prompted the Cowboys (the brilliant tacticians that just decided giving Thurston 2x the ball would equal 2x the points) decided to try the same for the rest of the year and just burnt whatever fuel Webb had left in him. Parra then bought him as a useless rust bucket with an empty tank.
  13. Broncoman

    Broncoman State of Origin Rep

    Yes that was 2007, very courageous effort from Johnson. He ended up making 28 tackles in that game and he made an Origin record 62 tackles in Game 2 that year, (his record was beaten by Farah in 2012). Really liked Dallas Johnson as a player, tough workaholic of a player.
  14. Bellamy cracked it from memory.
  15. Morkel


    Bellamy can **** off.

    But yeah, from a safety view, knowing what we know now it sounds very careless to let him go back on. Johnson was the one player that played better concussed.
    Johnson knocked himself unconcious in the first tackle, Tate's knee exploded while he was making a line-break, GI went down and Myles had to come off as well.

    ...and somewhere between that Kimmorley got injured but nobody really brings attention to that so...

    It may just be me, but Carl Webb was a handy player in those early days. He played for the big moments and from 2005-07, he had a knack of coming up with them. It's largely been forgotten about, but for a time, he was considered as valuable to the Cowboys as Johnathan Thurston. If you said that now, people would look at you like you've been sniffing glue. However, in 2005 it certainly had plenty of merit.

    Unfortunately people just remember him for years like 2008 and on where he was awful. There were so many Cowboys games where it was in the balance, and then big Charlie would come onto the field, hand the ball over and the other side would race in two quick tries.
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