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    What he is capable of and what he has achieved are two different things. Jarryd Hayne for me plays for Jarryd Hayne. He isnt a great team player. He is great when he can be bothered, but he isnt anywhere near the class of Thurston for example. Imo, he hasnt produced enough regularly to be classed as a great yet. He still has time on his side, unless he finds a new dream to chase.

    Hayne wasnt really dominant in the 2009 series, he just played well. About the only dominant thing in that series from a nsw point was Barretts dog shot on Inglis, who had a better series than Hayne anyway.
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    Just watching a replay, at 17.30 in the first half after Parker got called for a dubious knock on, sounded like Cam Smith said to the ref and I quote: 'Just cos he's leaving doesn't mean you have to make sure you send him out a winner.' While gesturing towards Gallen.
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    The reality is we won the series already after game 2. We didn't really try for game 3. The blues may think their time has come but guess what, there's 2 games at Suncorp next year so prepare for another spanking.
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    Doesn't automatically the Maroons victory, remember the series last time there were 2 games in Brisbane?
  5. Unless there are injuries to any of the big 3, NSW won't be winning the series next year.

    They aren't ready.

    And you know what? NSW walking away after the game is just going to give us motivation.. And you know what happens when NSW gives us motivation..
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    So the Blues didn't hang around due to sledging during the game. So they are lying pricks as well then
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    Really? Where did you hear that? On the footy show last night Gallen and Maloney were saying there's no disrespect they didn't even realise he was talking coz the volume was too low.
  8. It was said on NRL Tonight that Gallen walked away because of the sledging he copped during the game.

    About how he is the most unsuccessful captain in NSW history and only won 1 of the last 11 series etc.

    I don't buy the story NSW are dishing up. They have been playing Origin for how long now? They would know when the speech is.
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  9. **** soft.
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    Morning news
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    That's fine. Origin for Queenslanders has always been about injustice. NSW have never figured this out. they just keep on serving up motivation for next year.
  12. Meh, **** origin. I'll care more when it doesn't relegate the NRL season to a POS for the best part of 3 months.
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    So peptide paul doesn't like being sledged and picked on. Poor paul.

    The bloke is a grub. Plain and simple. He is a racist drug cheat, a bloke who Rips out stitches of other players. That's the sort of individual who is classed as a legend down south. Says a lot about them and why they have been constantly beaten for over a decade. No class, and no standards.
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    No Cookies | Daily Telegraph
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    This. What's worse, with players like Fifita, Woods, etc, the culture of NSW won't be changing any time soon. Worse for them, anyway.
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    On a lighter note the Woods fail is the gift that keeps giving lol
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  17. Jennings celebrating by himself is quite humorous too.
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  18. I thought Paul Kent made an interesting point on NRL 360.

    He brought up Gould in the '03 series. During a video session Gould showed Hodgson's try from the scrum in the '02 series. QLD pushed in the scrum to the point that it twisted and the backrowers breaking off were on the opposite of Hodgson and that's why he scored the try. He showed them QLD's desire to keep playing on despite the fact that they had no chance of winning the game.

    Then he fast forwards to Wednesday night, the Jennings try. He pointed out 4 players that were so desperate to get across to stop the try, which they thought was going to be in the corner, that they overran it and that's why Jennings scored.

    He then goes on to say that until NSW show that kind of desire, they will never get the upper hand on QLD.

    They showed that desire in 2014, but they didn't before then, and they didn't after.
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    Funny how Maloney does a Ben Creagh too. Pushes Parker in the back then hides behind 2 of his players. I was actually screaming at Cronk to stay on top of Tedesco, give them a penalty goal and take it to Golden point, even if Cronk does get another 10. But the clusterfuck that was that try celebration is almost worth it anyway.
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    Same. Cronk walks off, we get our line set and hold them out for a set. Jobs done.

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