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Discussion in 'State of Origin 2012' started by ningnangnong, Jul 4, 2012.

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    yeh he shouldnt have been allowed to continue, and Tim Sheens agrees with you.

    "After his club doctor ruled Farah unfit to back-up for tonight's clash against Canterbury, Tigers coach Tim Sheens called for the perceived double standard to be addressed.

    The battered rake has no recollection of the first half of Wednesday night's decider thanks to a 15th minute head clash with Maroons enforcer Nate Myles. He was assessed by veteran Blues trainer Ronnie Palmer before being given the all-clear to continue.

    "That's interesting," Sheens said last night."
  2. Ari Gold

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    To an extent it seems, but this is rather concerning: "At the end of the day I'm not concerned about him finishing the game, but the fact we're not allowed to do that at club level is an issue."

    Surely the main issue is that for 65 mins a bloke who was heavily concussed was sticking his head in front of hard charging forwards and not the fact that the Tigers aren't granted the same "right".
  3. jarro65

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    I'm no expert on concussions, but can a player still function normally on the field if they are concussed ?
  4. Kaz

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    Well Farah can, he was still bitching until the end of the game.
  5. jarro65

    jarro65 State of Origin Rep

    Yeah, my point exactly.

    He seemed to step back into the line pretty quickly once a penalty didn't go his way after that tackle.
  6. Twiztid

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    I was surprised that both Farrah and Creagh were allowed to continue on or come back on. Soon enough that won't happen again and I guess it is a decision they need to make for the future lives of the players post football but the bravery of players like Farrah and Johnson is what SOO is known for.
  7. dukey

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    There are different grades of concussion. Some will ring the player's bell but the symptoms disappear shortly. Others will leave them useless for some time.
    I played a 9s carnival in Sydney and hilariously had a full-speed head clash with one of my teammates. He was completely out of it and had to be helped from the field. I was fine after about a minute and played the rest of the game fine, but an hour later I was a vegetable.
  8. Yes, but suffering a second concussion can be very dangerous.

    Almost all the damage is caused when the brain hasn't healed from a previous concussion. The brain is very vulnerable while recovering from a concussion, because of the processes taking place and the chemicals that are released. However, once a concussion has been healed, getting concussed again causes no more damage than the first time.

    FTR, I am not a doctor or a medical expert, but given my son plays RL, I wanted to know all I could about it. I got my information from online research as well as from a specialist.
  9. Dexter


    So where to next year for NSW, they have big problems already because their squad will be quite different from this year. If they stick solid they probably can't beat us and if they make too many changes they basically start again.

    Pearce must be gone after this year. Carney didn't cement his spot so at the very least I see a new halves pairing. Creagh, Scott, Watmough gone, Hayne and Jennings didn't measure up.

    I can see a minimum of 4 changes while we lose Civ and bring in McGuire. 8 straight is looking good.
  10. Jeba

    Jeba International

    I think they will give Carney another shot. He had some good moments and he will be a lot more confident next series.

    Pearce should be on the barred list. If they pick him again that will go a long way to ensuring 8 straight. Even the games NSW won he has done bugger all. Also on the barred list must be Creagh and Scott like you said Dexter. I agree as well I don't think Jennings is upto it.

    I think they need a bigger threat at fullback. Stewart is a good fullback but they need someone with a bit more punch, and at his best Hayne would be the man for that job. His problem though is consistency and he needs to find that world-beating form of 2009 again around Origin time.

    And honestly, NSW, if you want to be a hope, find some front rowers with some balls. Tim Grant game 3 makes 6 hit-ups. That's right, just 6 hit-ups. Unacceptable for a starting front-rower. He did that in game 2 as well, but people overlook that just because he put Petero on his back in the first hit-up.
  11. Ari Gold

    Ari Gold Master Baiter

    For NSW, it obviously depends on form, but given what I saw in this year's series and assuming current in form NRL players continue to keep up their form or even improve on it, then I think the following changes are needed:

    Scott, Creagh and Pearce definitely need to go. They are above average NRL players who fail to provide value because they don't have weak opponents to take advantage of, which is primarily how they provide value in the NRL.

    Josh Reynolds needs to come into the team. That kid is so classy. Todd Carney needs to be persisted with and put on the side that Greg Inglis doesn't attack. NSW need to have Tariq Sims and T-Rex as their bench backrowers, and bring them on at the same time.

    As for QLD, not much really needs to happen. However, I do think Ben Barba needs to become our utility and used in a similar way to when Chris Walker came off the bench. And obviously McGuire in for Civoniceva. Beyond that I can't think of any playing in such good form that they should jump ahead in the pecking order. Possibly Aidan Guerra deserves a look in if as an alternative to an attacking edge player is Taylor and Gillett don't stop sucking.
  12. I think this year was the best chance for the blues to break the rut, because of Locky's departure and the adjustements needed in the maroons spine with Thurston moving to five-eight, compounded by Slater's injury, and other niggles suffered by the Maroons.

    I can see us dominate more next season with Thurston and Cronk more in synch, Billy and hopefully Yow Yeh back, McGuire in the team for Civo, and hopefully Te'o and/or Gillett playing bigger and better roles in the side.

    Parker should remain the lock if he retains his form. He does the same work as Harrison, but is much more threatning in attack.

    I can't see the Blues improving much on this year's series, with or without Pearce!


    Plus we have 2 games up here next year. We wont lose next year. no chance
  14. Alec

    Alec International Rep

    I'd give Hayne a go at fullback. His defence on the wing is often exposed whenever he is targeted. And his natural instincts and passing/kicking skills would be very useful in a team where the halves are about as useful as tits on a bull.
  15. Force

    Force BRL Player

    NSW half's were lacking big time.This is where they lost it.They just didnt offer anything in attack,infact,Farrah was the one who did the best attacking kicks and yet he was meant to be concussed.I would drop Pearce and question mark over Carney.I would have Maloney ahead of Pearce and or Soward for Carney depending on form.These two at least have a better kicking game and can organise the backline better.I would drop Brett Stewart,although he got a couple of tries,hes just not as good as his former self.Bring in Michael Gordan and hope he can play wing cos I'd like to see Hayne at the back as he can belt the stuffing out of the ball for a back up kicker.Drop Creagh and Beau Scott and bring in Woods and Tariq Sims.

    This would be my team:

    4,Jennings or Lyon(if hes not being an idiot)
    6,Soward or Carney depending on form

    16,G.Stewart or Watmough
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  16. Alec

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    Woods is NSW's Josh McGuire. Would be good to see them square off.


    Disagree. McGuire is fitter, faster and has more in his attacking arsenal. Woods is a solid prop and should be picked for nsw next year but he lacks the x-factor that mcguire has
  18. Ari Gold

    Ari Gold Master Baiter

    Well he did NSW's version, so of course he's going to be inferior.
  19. I can see the similarities but they're fairly different too.

    Woods concentrates more on his size to get over the defensive line while McGuire uses his acceleration & mobility.

    And not that you see much of it at this level but McGuire is actually a good ball player. It'd be in our interest to develop that part of his game.
  20. Professor47

    Professor47 NRL Player

    Solid team there FORCE.

    Honestly, they have to get LYON to play somehow.

    A fit T-REX and T SIMS off the bench ... they do have the team to win it. No doubt about that. They've got the young guns.

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