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  1. Alec

    Alec International Rep

    I think Papalii has got to be in the 2nd row. He's so damaging there, and it's all wasted in the front row. I'd consider moving Gillett to lock if they want to keep Cooper, would strengthen our front row rotation with McGuire back there, and could allow Hess to come off the bench on the edge.

    Glasby...well, can you really pick him again after he almost cost us the game? It was disgraceful defence from him.
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  2. 1. Billy Slater
    2. Valentine Holmes
    3. Darius Boyd
    4. Will Chambers
    5. Dane Gagai
    6. Michael Morgan
    7. Cooper Cronk
    8. Dylan Napa
    9. Cameron Smith (c)
    10. Jarrod Wallace
    11. Sam Thaiday
    12. Matt Gillett
    13. Josh McGuire

    14. Cameron Munster/Ben Hunt/Daly Cherry-Evans
    15. Josh Papalii
    16. Coen Hess
    17. Tim Glasby

    I really can't see any positive news for Thurston. His shoulder was fucked, you could see it after every pass, after every tackle, when he was standing in the defensive line with the right arm limp down the side of his body.

    So because of that, Morgan takes the 5/8 spot due to Milford being injured. Cooper, who let's face it was only picked because of his combination with Thurston, is dropped and Thaiday regains his spot.
    If Thurston can't make it...

    1- Slater
    2- Holmes
    3- Boyd
    4- Chambers
    5- Gagai
    6- Morgan
    7- Cronk
    8- Napa
    9- Smith
    10- Wallace
    11- Cooper
    12- Gillett
    13- McGuire

    14- Munster
    15- Papalii (Kaufusi if Papalii is still down on whatever issue he has)
    16- Hess
    17- Glasby (Sims might get a look in)

    If it was up to me...

    1- Slater
    2- Oates
    3- Boyd
    4- Chambers
    5- Gagai
    6- Munster
    7- Cronk
    8- Napa
    9- Smith
    10- McGuire
    11- Cooper
    12- Kaufusi
    13- Gillett

    14- Morgan
    15- Hess
    16- Papalii
    17- Wallace
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  3. Number6

    Number6 QCup Player

    Like the team but would start Papalii for 20 and swap with Kaufausi.
    Cooper was immense. Need to strengthen prop rotation so Gillo makes sense at Lock. Glasby improved but his initial mistakes were unforgivable and can't afford a second go for game three. Like Munster over Morgan to start if JT injured. Have to stop bringing Morgan on at 30 minutes. Adds nothing that early. Maybe around 55 minutes to capitalise on fatigue. Holmes was abysmal. A blade of grass from bombing a try, dropped ball and returns were worse than useless. Put QLD on backfoot for next 3 tackles. Has to be fired ... preferably out of a canon back to his mouth breathing Sharks. Reapply in 2 years when lives up to his hype. Oates deserves to be fuming hope he uses it as motivation and comes out this weekend and obliterates the raiders.
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  4. Big Del

    Big Del QCup Player

    NSW deliberately attacked Glasby . Glasby at marker out - in play will wrong foot him . It worked twice then they shelved it . Joey Johns was flabbergasted with their direction in attack .Out - in ball is cutting up the middle . Thurston has one arm . But play away from that .

    It was so sweet to see Joey and Phil wringing their hands at the missed opportunity to pour on the compliments about NSW and their new era .

    Qld centres were outstanding in attack . Boyd , Chambers and Morgan all offloaded close to the line for tries .
    The 1st try I didn`t even see the pass . Saw Darius fall to the ground and thought well NSW shut that out . Next thing Holmes is diving in the corner .

    re Gagai the kid is an awesome competitor .
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  5. Foordy


    If Thurston is out, Morgan to start and Oates recalled to the bench.
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  6. Accept

    Accept NRL Player

    What role is Oates going to serve on the bench?
  7. Foordy


    probably a bigger one than Morgan has this series (or Munster would)

    he can cover for the backs in the event of injury, and can play in the backrow rotation as another big body and meter eater
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  8. mitch222

    mitch222 State of Origin Rep

    Andrew Fifita 16 hitups for 93 metres. We did a number on him and the scoreboard showed
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  9. winslow_wong

    winslow_wong State of Origin Captain

    The prick only ran sideways and his play the balls are bs touch footy style
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  10. Sproj


    That second team from @Porthoz@Porthoz is perfect, sign me up for that one, it is like you read my mind bro.
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  11. Accept

    Accept NRL Player

    They won't pick someone just to cover for an injury that may not happen. Or to play in a position that he has hardly ever played in the club comp. He is not a utility type player. The Broncos need him more anyways.
  12. Danoz Direct

    Danoz Direct NRL Captain

    Can play backs and fowards, that's a utility type player. And anyway Morgan plays in the forwards when he comes on when knowone gets injured and Oates would do a better job.
  13. JayPee

    JayPee QCup Player

    Oates gets gassed playing on the wing. No way they are going to play him in the forwards. I would want to see him tackle some big men for set after set before throwing him in that. Morgan was great in the middle while he was there. Strong defensively
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  14. Foordy


    This is only if Thurston is out, in which case Morgan would play 5/8
  15. Foordy


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  16. JayPee

    JayPee QCup Player

    I know it would be a big gamble for a decider but I would put munster in 5/8th. It would be the storm spine so he should fit right in plus he is tough as nails. It wont matter JT will play imo
  17. mrslong

    mrslong State of Origin Rep

    WTF are we gonna do next year when JT, Cronk, Smith and Slater all retire after winning the series this year????
  18. Browny

    Browny State of Origin Captain

    Macca, Milf, Munster and Boyd
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