OFFICIAL Game III Queensland Side

Pic on the front page of the paper he was clucthing his knee ?
High ankle sprain ? lol .
Agreed. I heard talk he was blowing after his first stint but when I watched the reply, it was Napa who was blowing hard and I remember because they came off at the same time. I also thought Wallace was pretty good in his opening stint, I don't understand why he didn't get to go back on.

He didn't get back on because the forwards in the second half were more than holding their own so he decided to let them roll. Unlike Daley, Walters didn't just take his forwards off because he had a set time limit for each in his head before the match. It's all well and good having a plan beforehand but you have got to be able to adapt when certain players are going well and when some are not.

That was one of the big issues after the game with Daley and his interchange. Jake Turbo and Jackson were going well but they didn't see enough mins because Daley had a run sheet and just went with it instead of actually watching how the game was progressing. Had no problems with Wallace mins. This game he might be the big dog instead of Napa
His ankle is broken in 5000 places. Will keep it buried in an esky overnight and will take his place at fullback come Wednesday night

Yeah I'm sure the guy who was fighting 5 trainers on jelly legs trying to get back on the field after being knocked out is pissing his pants in fear.
What is the DT trying to achieve?

McGuire would be loving the attention.
They clearly haven't learned anything of the last 11 series... every time they come out with shit like that, it fires the QUEENSLANDERS up and they teach the Blues a footy leason.

Thanks DT
anyone know the bus route of the Blues? Let's get back to heckling them into submission before they even get to the stadium!!


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