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    Channel 7 news so who the **** knows lol
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    If slater injured QLD f**ked the pooch not selecting DCE. DCE at 6. Munster at fullback would have worked. Do not want Holmes at fullback. Maybe O'Neil to derp it up in centres and Morgan to 5/8. Else wise have a choice of Smith at 6 or Hunt and Macca in unless prepared to play less fresh troops and in case of DCE pissed off ones. Do we have any other options?

    3 first string backs and 2 backups injured is pretty hard to replace, not to mention losing 2 of best 3 forwards (including Parkers retirement). Not many teams can come back from that.
  3. Socnorb


    During the commentary for the Dogs and Knights game yesterday Gus came with. " if a team needss 2 tries to win, you have to stop them from scoring the first one. That's the important one." Genius.
  4. Brent81

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    Apparently Payne Haas was called in to do an opposed session with the Maroons (basically to model Fafita) and the boys raved about him afterwards....

    We need to hold onto this kid...
  5. 1910

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    No, the Broncos' 20's were the opposed session.
  6. OXY-351

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    He works for the network that is showing the game. Of course he's going to talk it up. It's part of his job.

    They've been talking the whole series up though, which I think is reasonable enough, given this could be Cronk/Thurston/Slater/Thaiday/Myles last. Very much a changing of the guard. It was supposed to be NSW year - time to beat all those aging QLD stars - yet QLD are still in it.
  7. LOL........that rivals some of Laurie Daley's fox sports commentary gems, like ......"The team that scores the most points, wins"

    Brilliant Loz....!!
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  8. GKDonkey

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    It shapes as the key to the Maroons winning the 2017 Holden State of Origin Series but no one expected Queensland to turn to a 17-year-old New South Wales junior representative to prepare for the task of stopping Andrew Fifita on Wednesday night.

    ‌When the Blues posted a record winning score against the Maroons in Game One it was Fifita who was crowned Man of the Match after a dominant performance that drew comparisons with Queensland's favourite front-rower Arthur Beetson, but the Maroons were much better prepared for Game Two.
    In the lead-up to the clash in Sydney the likes of Coen Hess and Dylan Napa took turns emulating the bulk and running style of Fifita during training sessions but for Sunday's final opposed session the role of Fifita was played by 17-year-old Broncos under-20s prop Payne Haas.
    Standing 194 centimetres and weighing 117 kilograms Haas has no trouble standing out in open company yet just last month he captained the NSW under-18 team against Queensland and came up with a crucial play late in the Blues' 35-28 victory.
    A product of Gold Coast's Keebra Park, Haas was pursued by NRL and NFL clubs before signing with the Broncos and did an admirable job imitating the type of charges Fifita is expected to bring on Wednesday night.
    "That front-rower that had the bib on, I tried to go high on him a couple of times and he kept pushing me off," admitted Maroons prop Jarrod Wallace after a run against the Broncos under-20s.
    "He was a clone of him. He was a Fifita clone.
    "I can't believe that's his name, Payne.
    "He's a big boy and he's only 18.
    "It's good to get that 13-on-13 opposed.
    "It's different when we're just running drills and things like that.
    "To actually have bodies in front and make sure you're running the right lines in defence. You can make sure you're getting your body in front.
    "They did a good job."
    Despite the impact he had in the series opener Queensland's forwards have made the point over and over again that they are not focusing only on Fifita, Wallace extolling the virtues of what Aaron Woods and David Klemmer bring to the Blues.
    "They've got a role they play and a really good offload," Wallace said.
    "Klemmer comes off the bench and does the same thing. They are aggressive big boys.
    "I don't think we're focussing too much on just one player.
    "We've got a role to do on their whole middle forward pack.
    "They are all big boys.
    "For us to get on the front foot and win the game we have to do a job right across the park.
    "Everyone's got their own role. If they don't come out with energy, that's on each other.
    "We want to a job for Queensland and each other. We don't want to let each other down.
    "We've got to make sure everyone's ready to go and brings their own energy and mongrel."
  9. Brett


    I'll just be glad when this game is over and Brisbane can get their season back on track.
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  10. Big Del

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    Indigenous to Vanuatuu bro .

    Australian Aborigines don`t have legs like that .

    Meninga is of Vanuatuan descent of plantation workers recruited or blackbirded to work in the Queensland sugar industry in the late 19th century.
  11. holdzy89

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    What's the latest on Billy?
  12. Kanaka's I say. That's what the christian brothers college told us.
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  13. winslow_wong

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    His ankle is broken in 5000 places. Will keep it buried in an esky overnight and will take his place at fullback come Wednesday night
  14. Big Del

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    Pic on the front page of the paper he was clucthing his knee ?
    High ankle sprain ? lol .
  15. Big Del

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    Yes basically slavery in Qld till the 20th century . QUEENSLANDER !!
  16. JayPee

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    He didn't get back on because the forwards in the second half were more than holding their own so he decided to let them roll. Unlike Daley, Walters didn't just take his forwards off because he had a set time limit for each in his head before the match. It's all well and good having a plan beforehand but you have got to be able to adapt when certain players are going well and when some are not.

    That was one of the big issues after the game with Daley and his interchange. Jake Turbo and Jackson were going well but they didn't see enough mins because Daley had a run sheet and just went with it instead of actually watching how the game was progressing. Had no problems with Wallace mins. This game he might be the big dog instead of Napa
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  18. Thanks for the ammo DT.

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  19. GKDonkey

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    Slater confirmed for the decider
  20. Tom

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    Yeah I'm sure the guy who was fighting 5 trainers on jelly legs trying to get back on the field after being knocked out is pissing his pants in fear.
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