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Should Inglis' try have stood?

  1. Yes

  2. No

    It's the call that defined the game and I turn it over to BroncosHQ, did the video referees get the call right?
  1. Did the video referees get the call right?


    Should GI's try have stood?


    Here's the thing, the on-field referee deemed that Morgan did not play at the ball so that call should absolutely stand ala Hayne from last year. However, what was clear was that Myles came in and propelled the ball in the tackle. Unfortunately that's a knock on so the call should have been a double knock on to Queensland.

    Still would have had a huge impact on the game.

    But not as much as we thought.
  2. Splinter

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  3. Cult3

    Cult3 State of Origin Captain

    But if Morgan didn't play at it and it did hit Myles, which direction did it go off Pearce and into Myles? Forward. Queensland ball. Not NSW ball 15 out.
  4. I bleed Maroon

    I bleed Maroon State of Origin Rep

    Absolute dogshit decision. On field decision should have stood.
  5. Culhwch

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    I honestly thought Morgan played at it. Even if not, Myles gets a touch and Inglis recovers in an offside position. Would have hated if the teams were reversed and it stood - that's my usual yardstick.
  6. Ari Gold

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    Video ref made the wrong decision as there wasn't conclusive evidence. So in that sense the on field decision absolutely should have stood.

    I'm not convinced the on field decision was right though. I don't think Morgan knocked on but I'm not convinced Inglis is onside when Morgan touches it.
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  7. It comes off Pearce, though.

    That would have put Inglis onside.

    I think the decision should have stood. You couldn't say for sure that it came off Myles.
  8. Cult3

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    It goes backwards off Morgans hand, Pearce knocks it forward into Myles and Inglis picks it up in an offside position. No try but where is the first error?
  9. Either way, the call should have gone QLD's way.

    If it wasn't a try, scrum feed for QLD because the first infringements were the knock ons.

    But I think it should have been a try.
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  10. Ari Gold

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    I'm not saying NSW should have got the ball. Clearly they shouldn't have. I just don't know if it was correct to rule it a try on field.

    However, I'm convinced that it should have stood as a try upstairs as nothing about what I saw was conclusive.
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  11. My only doubt is whether Myles touched the ball, which would've made it a double knock on, and Qld feed. I could've lived with it, if that was the original decision, but there is absolutely no way that the fuckwit video ref could conclude with certainty the onfield ref's decision was wrong.
    That is exactly why the try should have stood, but that was never going to happen with Qld already 1 game up.
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  12. broncsgoat

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    Can a mod please edit the thread title to 'GI Try' please... Because blind Freddie with aids could see that was a **** try...
  13. vertigo

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    I said to my Dad watching it "they will take this off him".

    Never, ever think a try is safe when it goes to the video ref - even if it looks fine.
  14. I think if that wasn't at such a crucial stage of the game, it would have been awarded..
  15. Mister Wright

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    Next time something similar happens I hope the QLD player pulls up 5 from the line and allows themself to be tackled. Then it won't get called back, play on.
  16. vertigo

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    Genius, it's the only way to escape a video ref referral.
  17. Well, it appears I was wrong.

    I've been watching the replay and slowed it down to frame by frame, and Myles does touch it. It's clear as day on the picture I'm looking at.

    The no try ruling is correct, but it should have been QLD's ball.

    I can't add it because once again, BHQ won't work in my browser. When I can, I will.
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  18. It was a try.
  19. Foordy


    I agree ... Next time a similar situation happens get tackled a metre out from the try line and make sure someone is there in support for a quick play the ball. Then all the dummy half has to do is fall over the line. And no video ref referral.

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