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Should Inglis' try have stood?

  1. Yes

  2. No

    I voted wrong. I said Yes instead of No.

    The try was a no try. It was a strip. However, the rule that made it a no try is **** BS.
  1. abashii

    abashii NRL Player

    It wasn't a try looking at better footage this morning but as it was sent up a try and no conclusive evidence otherwise was available the on field decision should have stood.

    In reality it was a double knock on so should have been a Queensland scrum feed. I don't really know how the ball last touched by Pearce travelling forward into Myles could ever be a QLD knock on.

    This gif clearly shows the ball coming forward out of Pearce's hand:
    But it was 100000000% played at by Morgan.
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  2. abashii

    abashii NRL Player

    Played at by Morgan, as he's sliding off the tackle and trying to grab Pearce any way he can, in a one on one strip attempt which failed. Pearce never loses contact with the ball and propels it towards the Queensland goal line. I'd call it a knock on Pearçe, and I wouldn't be complaining if JT or Ben Hunt was in Pearce's place and the call was they had knocked on.
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  3. subsbligh

    subsbligh NRL Captain

    Morgan is facing backwards. The ball at no point is propelled forward by Morgan. Play on.

    The ball then comes off Pearce's upper thigh. Play on.

    Myles does not touch the ball. In any event, he was not playing at the ball, so there is no knock on. Play on.

    The evidence to support alternatives to those propositions are so far from conclusive it is not funny.

    The fact there's a even 50/50 result in this poll supports that.

    The fact that 4 expert commentators (and even one so shaded by bias for NSW he barely contains it - who said play on) did not see it as a knock on.

    Wrong call.
  4. subsbligh

    subsbligh NRL Captain

    And he's 10000% facing his own goal line
  5. subsbligh

    subsbligh NRL Captain

    I did not see it that way.

    Then again, I thought the dress was blue.
  6. You can strip the ball one on one, that's not a penalty. The ball is already loose when Myles touches the stain, and it was propelled towards the Qld try line anyway.

    Technically, the no try decision is correct, and it should've been a Qld fed scrum. However, there was no conclusive evidence in the replays to deny the field ref's decision. And the evidence of that, is that they ruled a Qld knock on off Morgan!
  7. Alec

    Alec International Rep

    In hindsight, Inglis should have just fallen over 1m before the line to be safe.
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  8. Kaz

    Kaz State of Origin Captain

    The video ref said Morgan knocked it on.

    Also Bill "I Know Everything" Harrigan said it was the correct ruling. He also said he would have been happy with the double knock on. He said the Blues knocked on first.


    VIDEO: Former Referees Boss Bill Harrigan Says Greg Inglis No-Try Was Correct Decision | Triple M NRL
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  9. uptheguts

    uptheguts QCup Player

    Morgan definitely did not knock it on , he probably does strip it but it can't be said conclusively on these videos

    Myles probably knocks it on , but it can't be said conclusively on these videos that he actually touched the ball.In any case is it it a knock on if he does not consciously play at the ball which is being propelled by Pearce?

    Only two choice A Double knock on and Qld feed B Play on try .

    It went to our Patten and Sutton as a try and there was no conclusive evidence to overrule , yet they did. We will never get any of these decisions go our way with Patten in the box. IMHO Mal should be pushing privately or publicly to get Patten the **** out of there.
  10. Twiztid

    Twiztid NRL Player

    I see it as follows.

    1 on 1 strip from Morgan. This goes backwards for QLD, so play on. Pearce doesn't make contact again with his hands and is hammered by Myles. Myles' hand only just touches the ball forward and Inglis picks it up in an off side position.

    The reason the 1 on 1 strip isn't deemed a loose carry is because Pearce wasn't trying to score at the time. That is when the ruling changes in the action of scoring.

    Happy with the over ruling and think there was enough in it to over rule the on field call.
  11. The problem with the call is that they set a precedent last series with their interpretation of over-ruling the call in a very similar circumstance involving Hayne.

    It is just so difficult to show that beyond a reasonable doubt he was stripping the ball and while on the balance of probabilities it was, that shouldn't be sufficient evidence to over-turn an original interpretation.

    Myles' had knocked it forward but Pearce knocked on.

    Either way, being marched back 90 after scoring seemingly scoring a match winning play was just too big a hurdle.
  12. Even if it was a clear strip, as long as the ball went back (which it did), it shouldn't be a problem at all.

    Myles' touch was never evident in the replays shown, which were the basis for the decision, and the fact that the official ruling was a knock on by Morgan is more than enough evidence to conclude the decision was a travesty!
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  13. Lol, I was screaming at the tv for him to let them catch him!!!! Silly competitive Inglis
  14. 1910

    1910 State of Origin Rep

    It was a knock on ruling against Morgan; scrum with Blues' feed. If Inglis was off-side it would have been a penalty to Blues. You can't be accidentally off-side if you deliberately make contact with the ball in an off-side positions as Inglis did by picking up the ball.
  15. coreyh88

    coreyh88 NRL Player

    Re: Greg Inglis to broncos

    The only part up for interpretation is if Morgan knocked backwards or Pearce knocked on. Myles didn't play at it. So either way it's a try. I could have forgiven a qld feed. Also I believe off the ensuing set did anyone see the Morgan 'knock on' off the grubber that went two meters backwards.

    EDIT: Could a mod please move this to go no try thread. My phone is spazzing out and has no idea what page I'm on.
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  16. Kaz

    Kaz State of Origin Captain

    On the Matty Johns show, Matty said at first he thought it was try, but seeing it today, he said Myles knocked it on.

    But the video ref told Gerard Sutton that Morgan knocked it on.

    So who is correct.

    I am waiting for Greenturd, opps Greenburg to either agree or disagree with the ruling.
    They will have the refs review up on the site on Monday.

    Archer will address it and explain exactly what went on.

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