NEWS Gillett awaits neck fracture clearance

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    Brisbane’s Matt Gillett awaiting clearance on next fracture before returning to full training

    October 22, 2018

    Matt Gillett says he needs a final clearance from his specialist for his neck fracture before he can set his sights on a comeback next year.

    The Broncos and Queensland second-rower will have a final scan in late November and hopes it will led to the green light medically for him to undertake contact training.

    Gillett also had a shoulder reconstruction while out of action with his neck injury, but will resume fitness training from November 6 with the Broncos.

    After being restricted to five matches only this year, the return of Gillett’s defence would especially help Brisbane address a tendency in 2018 to throw in woeful defensive games, such as the season-ending loss to the Dragons.

    “I still have to get another scan. The last time I saw him (specialist) he said to come back in three months to get a scan, so that’s the end of the November,’’ Gillett said.

    “I hope to get the all clear. He was happy when I got the (most recent) scan. But it was not good enough to risk it (in 2018), doing what we do on the field.’’

    Any medical advice to further delay contact at training because of concerns about how his neck has healed would set back Gillett’s schedule to make a match comeback late in the pre-season.

    “It was the best option to sit it (the 2018 season) out and come back fresh next year,’’ he said.

    “I got my right shoulder done as well because I had labrum tears.

    “That shoulder operation is usually a six-month period and it’s been almost two months now. It’s going OK so far and with everything going to plan, I’ll be right to play round 1 and hopefully play the last trial to build on my game fitness.’’

    Gillett, Jaydn Su’A and Payne Haas form a significant trio of Broncos forwards to return from injuries which ended their season.

    But Gillett’s renowned defence and the clever lines he runs makes him an especially valuable inclusion for the 2019 Broncos.

    “We have a lot of good young forwards and the more they play together as a forward pack the better,’’ he said.

    “Joe Ofahengaue had his best year, probably he was our best player consistently. Hopefully they are able to stay together.’’

    Brisbane start the premiership away against Melbourne in the season’s first game, on March 14.

    Source: Courier Mail
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  1. FaithinHook

    FaithinHook NRL Player

    Well it really is reassuring to know that we have signed him up to a multi-year contract, worth god knows how much, and he is still not guaranteed of getting full clearance to even begin training again, let alone playing!

    I wish him all the best but it's gotta be a risk surely when he might only be one awkward tackle away from a career-ending injury.
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  2. pagey

    pagey NRL Captain

    I thought contracts get covered when serious injuries are involved and forced retirement.
  3. FaithinHook

    FaithinHook NRL Player

    Maybe they do mate I'm not sure to be honest. I hope there is some kind of clause to that effect. I hope it all goes well for him as it just seems like such a risky injury to even contemplate going back to a tough, full contact sport like league. I'd be freaked out playing again after any kind of neck injury like his.
  4. He still has the same risk even without the neck injury.

    Fractured bones heal and they don't become weaker after a fracture. Once the bone heals, he'll be all good and he'll be back to tackling like nothing even happened.

    The only concern is the mental side of it, but he's a tough player physically and mentally. I don't see it hurting us.
  5. Allo

    Allo NRL Captain

    Iirc, wasn’t his an option in his favour? Did he activate that post-injury? Or was I being misled by media articles making it seem that way?

    Could be problematic if it happens to be true
  6. Morkel


    Not for a pre-existing injury, and IIRC Gillett’s new deal was done post-injury while he was rehabbing.
  7. Skyblues87

    Skyblues87 NYC Player

    I dont think he will play again.
  8. Renegade

    Renegade NRL Captain

    Did we only make the decision in August that he wasn't going to play again this season? If it was earlier, why did we wait to put him under for this shoulder?

    I mean it's great he's back, but yet again, it's another one of our big players coming into the new season with **** all match fitness. Every **** season.
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  9. "The shoulder has been an ongoing issue for Matt for the last couple of months," said Broncos' High Performance Manager Jeremy Hickmans.

    "We had to wait and see what was happening with his neck injury, as obviously that was the priority.

    "When it became apparent he was not going to play again this season, we sent him for a scan on his shoulder.

    "From that scan the decision has been made to go ahead with the shoulder surgery.

    "If all goes as expected with his recovery, we would hope to see Matt back on the field during next year's trial match period."
  10. Renegade

    Renegade NRL Captain

    I thought that might be the case - still annoyed he'll have very little fitness before our first match.
  11. Socnorb


    Fitness training starts Nov.
  12. Renegade

    Renegade NRL Captain

    Massive difference between general and match fitness - I could be wrong but I thought I read recently he'd only get the last trial match in.
  13. Morepudding

    Morepudding QCup Player

    Honestly this is starting to sound more and more like a dodgy insurance job. Would be shocked if he saw out the 4 year contract. I mean, I hope he comes back fit and firing and in his 2015/16 form but i'm not confident. Seems a huge risk on the club's behalf as if he isn't medically retired, we could potentially be paying top dollar for a reserve grader...
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  14. Socnorb


    who has match fitness at that time of the year?
  15. Renegade

    Renegade NRL Captain

    players that have played the previous season? Like yeah they're not at peak match fitness but they've got a base to work off. Gillett does not.
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  16. Socnorb


    I think he'll be OK.
  17. ivanhungryjak

    ivanhungryjak NRL Captain

    Many of the big names generally only play one trial anyway.
  18. Renegade

    Renegade NRL Captain

    Yeah but again, these players would play the previous season so it's not the same.

    Anyway, let's hope it's no issue.
    Fingers crossed he gets the all clear.

    I still can't believe he played on with a broken neck. For all this talk about passion, nobody for a second can question Matt's commitment to the club.
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