NEWS Gorden Tallis: Pathetic excuses won’t dig Broncos out of hole


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Pathetic excuses won’t dig Broncos out of hole, writes Gorden Tallis

Storm lay waste to Broncos

Gorden Tallis, The Courier-Mail
August 3, 2019 5:30pm

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So I’m not sure why Anthony Seibold was talking about past results against the Storm in the aftermath of Friday night’s thrashing at the hands of Melbourne. “We are not the first Broncos team to lose to Melbourne by 40 points,’’ he said in the press conference before talking about somewhere “deep inside” the club needing to be better. I didn’t see Shane Webcke miss a tackle or Darren Lockyer drop a pass. They had nothing to do with it.

Brisbane need accountability to rescue their season. Picture: Bradley Kanaris

Brisbane need accountability to rescue their season. Picture: Bradley Kanaris

It was all about the 17 blokes in the Brisbane jerseys. They are the ones who have to be accountable. The buck starts and stops with them and their coach. Shifting blame is something that happens all over the NRL – except the top clubs. Seibold should not be trying to protect them. They got dismantled by Melbourne who pulled them from side to side then stormed straight down the middle of the field. They got a rugby league lesson.

Anthony Seibold can learn a lesson from Melbourne. Picture: Dan Peled

Anthony Seibold can learn a lesson from Melbourne. Picture: Dan Peled

But it seems that guys like Petero Civoniceva, Kevvie, Alfie and I should be apologising? I can tell you that the Broncos sides I played in would have risen for the challenge on Friday night. And if we didn’t, we wouldn’t have played the blame game on past players or the club’s culture. Hopefully if Brisbane win the comp, us old boys will get some credit too. But I can’t see that happening – Brisbane winning the comp, that is. I don’t know how they come back from that loss.

Broncos press conference

They went into the game with some confidence and momentum after not losing for a month. They knew it was going to be a massive test against the Storm and they just didn’t aim up. I hope they learn from it. They saw the best in the business close up. The scary thing for the rest of the competition is that Melbourne can get a lot better. Speaking to Cam Smith after the game, he said there was still a lot of improvement left in the Storm because the team was so young. He reckons there is plenty of work to do this year if Melbourne want to win the whole thing.

It is incredible how the Storm keep losing players but still stay in title contention. It speaks to their culture which is big on accountability. You saw that when Brodie Croft got hooked when Melbourne were up 26-0. Who hooks a halfback when they are 26-0 up? A coach that holds his players to account, win, lose or draw. That’s who.

On the other hand, the Broncos were trying to share the blame with those who went before them. Maybe that’s why Melbourne is on top of the ladder and Brisbane are battling to make the top eight?


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So pretty much a copy of Gould's article. I wonder if he even has independant thoughts anymore.


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I'm happy to have people come out in the media and tear strips off the Broncos......

.... but can they do it for the actual things that are going bad for them.

Recruitement, Darius Boyd, Macca, poor defence.

This one throw away from Seibold is not the worst thing about the Broncos on Friday night ffs. Get the knives out for the right reasons. fml.


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Whenever I listen to Tallis saying his usual garbage, I remember when I used to live over at Straddie and occasionally see him at the burger joint around the corner. He was always sloshed off his head and thought that pretending to give his toddler a drink of his booze was peak comedy.


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Gordie is too thick to realize that Seibold could not have possibly been pointing the finger at his cohort of players who were always competitive and in fact regularly competed with and defeated the storm. He was talking about the culture that has developed within the club in the last ten years and it is that culture that needs to be re-addressed.

It is just another opportunity for Gordie to talk about himself and put shit on Seibold.

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More advise from Ennis on Fox
Dangerous standard Seibold is setting for young Broncos
  • August 5, 2019 6:25am
  • by George Clarke, John Dean, Simon Brunsdon
  • Source: FOX SPORTS
The Broncos’ loss to the Melbourne Storm over the weekend was another in a long line of defeats for Brisbane at the hands of Craig Bellamy’s men.
The Storm are the Broncos’ most-feared opponents and they haven’t beaten them at Suncorp Stadium since 2009.

And coach Anthony Seibold approached the loss as if it was a fait accompli that his side would lose, saying in his post-match press conference: “For 10 years the Storm have lapped this club. They’re at a way different part of their journey, but we need to get better.”

But an attitude from a coach that expects to lose to another side, does nothing to help his team, looking to buck a historical trend, according to Michael Ennis.

“The fact that he started referring to stuff that had happened for the last decade, sure Melbourne have had a great record against Brisbane, but he’s come in and it’s his job to change that,” Ennis told the panel on Fox League’s Big League Wrap.
“It’s his job to focus on that, it sounded to me throughout his press conference that they almost expected that result and that they were happy to move forward.
“Yes, they’d address it and look at it and why they’d failed, but the fact that ten, twelve years of pain almost made it acceptable that that’s just what Melbourne do to Brisbane.
“And you can’t be setting the standard as your coach.
“If he’s thinking that or that’s part of his conversation, he’s almost thinking through the week that Melbourne will beat them and beat them well.
“They absolutely towelled them up. I think he’s got to have a real good look at his key positions in his spine.”

After a couple of weeks where they had built up a good run of form, the Broncos felt the backlash of the Storm following their loss to Manly.
40-4. It was a complete carve-up and the Broncos coach Anthony Seibold said that the game symbolised where Brisbane were placed.

“It shows our young guys they’ve got a long way to go,” he said.
“We were way off, we got taught a lesson.
“That’s the long and the short of it, physically we were bullied and we had no response.
“And what I’ve noticed with our group is that when we’re under pressure we don’t have those overlapping effort areas, we just worry about ourselves and not our teammates.
“That's part of our learning.”


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Ennis isn’t entirely wrong but he is quoting Seibold out of context. Seibold is changing the culture that has led to basically 13 years of defeat against the Storm and that isn’t going to happen overnight, despite how much the media might want to talk about it.
That’s all these clowns do, and none of the other ‘reporters’ every offer a different point of view so it is just an echo chamber as they pat each other on the back.

I mean think about how ridiculous that is, each issue never has a different POV from anyone. You couldn’t get 10 people to agree that the sky is blue yet in Rugby League apparently everyone agrees and everyone is always right. Amazing.

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Ennis isn’t entirely wrong but he is quoting Seibold out of context. Seibold is changing the culture that has led to basically 13 years of defeat against the Storm and that isn’t going to happen overnight, despite how much the media might want to talk about it.
Ennis doesn't work for the club, so it's not his job to give Seibold the benefit of the doubt. Seibold's been at the club for one year, and the results have been poor. The Broncos were widely tipped to be much better than this. Any time a team tipped for the top 4 pre-season plays this poorly the coach is going to get criticism.

By all means have faith in Seibold, but outside criticism of his coaching is entirely fair as there isn't any hard evidence that he's turning anything around yet. Gorden Tallis is a tool that Ennis no doubt begrudges sharing a conclusion with, but that tooldom doesn't invalidate every overlapping critical opinion.


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How are the titans travelling, Gorden?
Worry about your own backyard, ya has been.
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