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    Well.........after the heartache is over and when some of the pain abates will the call for Gould to save NSW become a chorus ?? Bellamy is finished and is no longer regarded as the next great white hope so it seems inevitable that the call for Gould will come. He is paid very well by NEIN and it will take just pure cash for him to step into the breach once more.

    The pressure and media attention will make the job a poisoned chalice for any who are game enough to take it on. It seems to me that they will have to make the job almost irresistible and that could only happen with an enormous financial incentive. That is, for any regular coach but for Gould who will have first refusal it will in all likelihood not be enough. What will NSW do ??...I hope they get a good coach, a good team and stick it to us a few times. State of Origin is only healthy when it's a contest.
  1. I will back heavily against Gould taking it on. He knows that at the moment they do not have the team to beat Qld and he will wait until the tide is starting to turn. He won't want to tarnish his reputation like Bellamy has.
  2. I can't see him taking over with things the way they are currently. They could get him in do do a Wayne Bennet type role with a coach who has no club affiliation taking over.
    Gould will never put his money where his mouth is in anything. He's excellent at highlighting problems, and absolutely hopeless at proposing solutions.

    Look at the way he attacks Gallop and the administration. Fair cop on a lot of the criticism, but what does he propose as an alternative? Nothing.

    He criticises selections, coaching etc for NSW, but what does he offer as solutions? Nothing.

    He's nothing but an armchair critic, and he'll never put his hand up and say "I'll try and fix these problems" because he doesn't know how, and would hate to suffer the humiliation of trying and failing.
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    A little off topic but does anyone think Bennett might put his hand up for the job? It just seems to be this would the usual time bennett would put his hand up not so much for NSW but rather for the sake of origin.

    NSW are in all sorts atm and if anyone was to save NSW it could be Bennett. He was assistant coach for NZ so does anyone think he'd cross the border and don a blues jersey as coach or even assitant coach?
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    He's confirmed that is one thing he would never do.
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    if theres one thing Gould is good at, its covering all his bases.

    for every seemingly big comment he makes, he always follows it up with an 'unless', an 'or', or an 'if'. 'NSW will win this game............IF'. 'QLD are out of this game........UNLESS'. he doesnt like being wrong, and goes out of his way to make sure noone can say that he was wrong about something he says. as such, he wouldnt like people being able to say that he couldnt stop the QLD dominance, and that he doesnt know how to beat them. the easiest way to do this is to do what he does, basically say 'i could get them to win......if i wanted to, BUT with the NSWRL admin the way it is...blah blah blah'.

    he wont coach again until NSW have a team of superstars and QLD have lost 3/4 of theirs.
  6. Plus if he was coach you'd have people like jamal 'biggest human' idris in the side.


    No way, no QLDer could do that

    He coached NZ because they needed help, they are always our little brothers and the international game needs a boost.

    Origin doesnt need a boost, we have always been the underdogs and NSW are the enemy!
  8. Ricky Stuart will get the role in 2011 as they will go down the no club coach like Qld path, not that I think Stuart is worthy of the title coach, but the SOO coach role is more about man management anyway
  9. Sounds like Rocky.
  10. What they need is a non-NRL coach to be head coach like Mal, but have a current NRL coach or assistant coach as the main NSW assistant and he's responsible for tactics, game plans etc. The head coach should really just be about managing the squad, boosting morale, camaraderie etc.

    Works for Mal and Queensland.

    Kudos to Michael Hagan. I don't rate him as a coach but there's no doubt he's done a good job in Neil Henry's stead as Qld Assistant coach.
  11. The horse in the title is the beast employed to carry his big fat arse and the huge pile of money he could command if he were to put up his paw and grunt, I'll do it.......for NSW...naturally after being begged publicly, loud and long and with the Reserve Banks Vault in his pocket. What a great position to be figured out I'm a little envious. :mrgreen:
  12. And other FOGs (and I mean real FOGs, not glory boys like A Johns) in other team staff roles. I could identify pretty much everyone of the Qld support staff that I saw last night as a Qld legend - however there were very few of the NSW support staff that I saw that I knew who they were.
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    Sticky would be the obvious choice for NSW as they try to emulate Qld's success with a non NRL club coach but as I said in another thread I still believe Des Hasler would be a great choice.
  14. Not a chance. After hearing him speak about playing for Queensland and Queensland in general there is no way he would ever do that. He has more pride than anyone about Queensland and rugby league and State of Origin.
  15. Rothfield texted him and asked "Silly question, but will you ever help out and coach NSW?"

    And Bennett replied "You're right, that is a silly question".

    True story.
  16. [icon_lol1. [icon_lol1. [icon_lol1.
    I love Bennett.

    Anyone else finding it hard to imagine Bennett texting though? :P
  17. I think it would look really creepy. Don't know why.
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    Maybe Mark Gasnier taught him how before he left the Dragons

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