RUMOUR Jayden Nikorima to the Broncos

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From the Mole

Jayden returns in the Nik of time for the Broncos.

Look for the Broncos to replace one Nikorima brother with another in 2017. Brisbane are set to lose promising utility Kodi to the Storm for next season, but may get his younger sibling Jayden back on their books. Jayden joined the Roosters this season but I'm hearing he's not enjoying life in the Harbour City and is considering a return to Bennett country in 2017.


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Excellent!! He IS a very real prospect in the 9 moving forward. :)


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I know he was great in the 20s , but he's had an opportunity in the top grade and hasn't made the most of it.
The fact that it was with a spluttering Roosters is the only variable


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Hmm, if I had a choice out of Jayden & Cody, I'd probably prefer Jayden, purely because of the age difference, Jayden still has a massive opportunity to be a great first grade player, Cody is 26.


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Would rather keep Kodi but I see why he would leave. Not sure he would crack it at Melbourne though if they re-sign Green & Cronk and it would be career suicide to go to the dragons


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makes sense
they are no berrigan bros but will do
It would be nice to have a Barry on the team again. Your team just doesn't appeal to the blue-collar battlers if there isn't a Barry, a Jeff, or a Terry in there.

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I may have seen better players come through the 20s, but none of them entertained me like Jayden Nikorima. He was the human highlight reel with the ability to make something out of nothing in any position on the park. I still have vivid memories of him bamboozling John Olive in his first game in the centres. Olive is no slouch either, he was destined for first grade, and Jayden made him look second-rate.

At this stage, I believe the Mole is just connecting the dots. Nikorima isn't receiving a starting gig, he's now behind Hastings, Matterson, Watson and possibly Lam. With Kodi set to leave Brisbane, Jayden would be the ideal fit.

It's too early to get excited, but if the opportunity arises I hope Wayne doesn't hesitate.


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I saw him at Broncos V Tigers game and he was talking to someone he knew and said "I should be back here next week." So don't rule out him signing before June 30. I'm disappointed to see Kodi go, but it makes sense for him.Wishing the Broncos kept Ash Taylor and Kodi Nikorima instead of Ben Hunt. He is offering very little this year.


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I saw him at Broncos V Tigers game and he was talking to someone he knew and said "I should be back here next week." So don't rule out him signing before June 30.]

Not sure how believable this is. Hope it's true.
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