OFFICIAL Jordan Kahu released - Signs with Cowboys

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    The Cowboys are plotting another poaching raid on archrivals the Broncos, targeting Kiwi Test star Jordan Kahu to fill their fullback void following the sacking of Ben Barba.
    The Courier-Mail can reveal the Cowboys have identified Kahu as a frontline option to replace Barba and have begun negotiations with his management to broker an immediate release from the Broncos.
    North Queensland pulled off a shock recruitment coup in November when they snared Brisbane hardman Josh McGuire, who was released by the Broncos to ease growing salary-cap pressures.
    Now Kahu is in the Cowboys’ sights as North Queensland hierarchy move quickly to solve the backfield conundrum created by Barba’s termination following an off-field incident involving his partner a fortnight ago.

    Off-contract at season’s end, Kahu will turn out for the Maori All Stars against their Indigenous rivals on Friday night at AAMI Park in Melbourne.
    The Cowboys will watch the clash closely, hoping Kahu comes through unscathed, a scenario that would see them ramp up plans to formalise a one-year deal and poach their second Bronco in three months.
    North Queensland have at least $300,000 to spend following the axing of Barba and are keen to have a fullback replacement – most likely Kahu – as soon as possible.
    Cowboys officials declined to comment on Wednesday but it is understood they have been in talks with Kahu’s agency in recent weeks as the Broncos continue to search for salary-cap relief.

    Once rated the successor to Justin Hodges at the Broncos, Kahu has no issues at Red Hill, but the appeal of wearing the Cowboys No.1 jumper made famous by Matt Bowen is set to lure him to Townsville.
    The New Zealand-born Kahu has previously outlined his desire to return to rugby union and he has interest from several Super Rugby clubs, but is happy to stay in the NRL if he can strike a deal with the Cowboys.
    North Queensland have been linked with Souths flyer Alex Johnston but his price tag is too prohibitive.
    Kahu is their preferred option as the Broncos are prepared to help subsidise his move north. The 28-year-old is also a fine goalkicker and would be a handy successor to retired champion Johnathan Thurston, who kicked 923 goals for the Cowboys.

    The versatile Kahu has scored 42 tries in 95 games for the Broncos, playing right wing against the Cowboys in the epic all-Queensland NRL grand final in 2015.
    Hodges, who played alongside Kahu in the 2015 decider, said the utility would relish a fresh chapter in North Queensland.
    “Jordan would be a great signing for the Cowboys,” he said.
    “He has always wanted to play fullback so with that spot available now it would be a good move for him.
    “Working with Paul Green (Cowboys coach) would be a great opportunity – there’s great players there to help him.”
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  1. Sproj


    This signing (if it happens) just makes so much sense. Kahu's future at Brisbane is shaky at best and he certainly won't be the number 1 any time soon, he should be signing on that dotted line asap, it is a smart move for both Kahu and the Cows.
  2. Tom

    Tom NRL Captain

    We should play hardball and not release. Would rather have him as a depth option than some greenhorn.
    Make them pay for it, but make it done.
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  3. Let him go imo. I'd rather seem him starting for another club than wallowing away and decreasing his future contract value in reserve grade here, far better for him if we let him go. Plus with the signing of Kennar as depth I think Jordy is surplus.
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  4. Battler

    Battler NRL Captain

    Them paying McGuire more than he was on for us and now going after Kahu to play FB are bottom 4 type signings from a club heading in that direction. The pressure on Morgan must be unreal, because if he doesn't perform like is predicted then they're basically the new Bulldogs: all their money spent on middle forwards with horrid outside backs and an average spine.
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  5. Wolfie

    Wolfie NRL Captain

    He would be a great signing. Never let us down at fullback. Good move for him if it happens.
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  6. Wolfie

    Wolfie NRL Captain

    Agree with that although I think he is a far better player than Kennar.
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  7. Gaz

    Gaz QCup Player

    Green under pressure. Long way from supposedly being offered a job here to no Thurston. Have a lot of time for Jordon but makes sense.
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  8. Tom

    Tom NRL Captain

    Why is everyone so keen to let him go? There is nobody else to buy and he is a GREAT depth option. If we get to the backend of the season and have a few injuries his experience will be invaluable. That and **** helping out the cows.
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  9. Cult3

    Cult3 State of Origin Captain

    Called this the day the Barba rumours started in true Moley 1+1 style
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  10. I think most people on here rate him as a bloke and would rather him succeed elsewhere than rot away in Queensland Cup for 20 rounds of the season. Plus it's the final year of his contract, meaning if he's playing QCUP all year he'll have zero leverage to get another decent contract here or elsewhere next season, it'd be a massive blow to his career. I'd rather the bloke get a chance to start at Fullback for the Cowboys, and would be rooting for him all the way (despite hating the Cowboys)

    Edit: Just checked, apparently he has 2 years left on his current Broncos contract, but my point stands.
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  11. Tom

    Tom NRL Captain

    But I bet you would change your tune if we got to round 20 and 2-3 of our backs get injured. "it's a business these days" is the line everyone keeps dropping. Letting him go would be a bad business decision.
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  12. Alec

    Alec International Rep

    Trade him for Josh McGuire lol
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  13. BroncsFan

    BroncsFan NRL Player

    Bit odd that Kahu would be willing to move on a one year deal, although he'd be in a starting role, which will help further deals.

    Also why the **** would we subsidize the deal... cows desperate for him make them pay full **** price
  14. I bleed Maroon

    I bleed Maroon State of Origin Rep

    Yeah I would only be agreeing to this if it is a clean cut. We have absolutely zero reason to offer up Kahu to the Cows on a subsidy. We aren't the idiots that took a huge punt on a dickwad like Barba, why do we need to pay the price?

    I like Kahu, he has been a real battler, but there is also a reason for that. Probably the most injury prone player the Broncos have ever had for so long. Also backline spots and salary cap space are at a premium and he is, to be frank, very off the pace. Cheers for your services, Jordan.
  15. I maintain that Jack Reed played his entire career injured, every time he got up after being tackled he looked cooked. Sheer agony on the lads face.
  16. Alec

    Alec International Rep

    Maybe the agony of being a ginger?
  17. Spike

    Spike BRL Player

    Firstly welcome to 2019. The summer of cricket nearly killed me. Trails starting this weekend

    If Jordan Kahu leaves we wish him and his family the best of luck. He has been great for us and doesn't owe us a thing.
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  18. Gaz

    Gaz QCup Player

    Trials also starting.
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