LIVE League World Cup 9's


State of Origin Rep
It needs to be in the pre-season when interest is at it's highest due to no footy for several months and clubs are more willing to release players to give them some game time before the season starts.

There is the risk of injury so close to the start of the season, but then again Darius Boyd did his Achilles during pre-season training so the risk of injury is always there regardless.

It also needs to be away from Sydney. Sydney fans don't turn up to games.
Pre season doesn't work
Its perfectly located in term of the time of year but needs to be marketed more better. This is the kind of thing you could take to somewhere like Adelaide, Perth, Mackay, Japan, China etc. Sydney has like 150 games a year there, of course not many people are going to be interested. Take it to a place where there is support but not a lot of live games available to watch in a near vicinity. And at the end of the day lets not forget, it is the nines. I didn't really give a shit if we won or lost, I cared more about none of our players suffering a serious injury


NRL Player
Needs to be played in Brisbane if they want anybody to actually turn up.
I think most Brisbane folk have better things to do than to fork out money for a modified and meaningless form of the game. The nines are a hard sell no matter where you take it.


NRL Captain
I think I would prefer club sides with a few b-tier int sides in the mix. Keep your Tonga/Samoa/Lebanon etc sides but put out clubs instead - like the old 7's.

It's obvious Australia is going to clown on everyone else and serves no real purpose other than to slap ourselves on the back.

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