Lets talk Expansion starting with Brisbane.

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    From the very outside looking in, it appears to me that the NRL's ongoing operational plan for the future is to let any clubs that fall into financial trouble fold (no further bail outs) and then take the licence from them and give it to a new franchise. Following what happened with Souths, I do not think they have the balls to force anyone out, they will rely on natural attrition. So getting the number of Sydney teams reduced could be a long work in progress.
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  1. Salary caps seem to me the easy way out. Not to upset anyone , keep everyone happy.
    It's a great way to establish a league.
    But for a game to grow there must be the possibility for a new club to achieve success.
    Example, Toronto Canada.
    They started in the English lower divisions and worked their way up.
    I believe , currently second division.
    There always will be success and failure.
    But for the game to grow, domestic and international, you need the excitement of big clubs to clash. And lesser clubs to try to catch up.
  2. But the last few clubs that needed it, were bailed out, and some are still run by them. Have they said anything about this? Cause I see no hint of the NRL wanting to fix this problem.
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    I agree. Granted, those teams like the Titans and Knights are non-Sydney teams, so they're seen as important strategically.
  4. Yeah, I get that. A Sydney team is never going to accept "Too bad" while they keep paying the other shit clubs though. Hell, I would think it would be an instant court case.
  5. In those two scenarios though, didn't the NRL take the licence back and then sold the licence to new owners in the case of both the Titans and Newcastle? They have also now stated that there will be no further bail outs. In my view it would be a difficult court case for one of the clubs to run to say we have been financially irresponsible and got ourselves in a hole which we expect you (the NRL) to bale us out of, because you have done it for another club. They would want Perry Mason plus to win that argument.
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    I agree on that too. And there are too many "old boys" from too many Sydney clubs for someone not to lean on the NRL and say "you're ruining history, and the NRL is bound by it's history" bullshit bullshit.

    But if the NRL is pro-active, and outline its plan ahead of time, the relevant clubs will at least have been put on notice if they're in danger of being cut. The clubs can either scream to high heavens, or do something about it like rally sponsors and fans to make sure it won't be them that gets cut.
  7. If they said that, I certainly missed it. If they follow that, then good. But I just cannot see the NRL having the balls to let a foundation / traditional club fall over and die.
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  9. The Broncos don't sell out games. Until they do, it's ridiculous to add a 2nd Brisbane team.

    The only argument for it that I ever see is that The Broncos need to be brought back to a level playing field with Sydney clubs. Efforts should be on strengthening the weak and not trying to weaken the strong.
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    Ah Buzz, never stop being butthurt about our glorious club.

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