Lets talk Expansion starting with Brisbane.

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    That's why it should be based on genuine memberships. The club(s) with the least invested members gets booted because the least people then get disappointed. If the club wants to survive they'll do everything to appeal to their fanbase.
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    St Merge

    Bye bye Manly and Peptide Paul
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    Fully agree with this.
    If they’d done it back in 2000 Souths probably would have lost their court case as they wouldn’t have been kicked out of the comp just relegated to a lower tier.
    Also the nrl wouldn’t need to agonise over who to cut or bring in as the top team in lower div automatically goes up and the bottom one in the higher div goes down.
    And teams don’t have to panic about being ‘finished’ forever as there would still be a way back to the top div.
    To bad the nrl don’t have the brains to look at this.
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    You’ve convinced me. A few less Canterbury and Cronulla supporters would raise the tone nicely. How about the Christmas Island Bulldogs?
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    I really think outside the city but close to it is the way to go . Ipswich would make sense with the growth, close to the city and opens up the western corridor. Redcliffe has its merits too can market it to the north side and the sunny coast

    It terms or relocation move the wests tigers to Perth and you wouldn’t even have to change the name
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    I'm keen for expansion in Brisbane to happen just to watch the morons have a cry when the franchise doesn't perform as well as they think it will and barely dents the Broncos dominance in the region. Some ridiculous conspiracy theory about the Broncos torpedoing them somehow will inevitably come about.
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    Who are we even kidding? It will take at least another 10-20 years for the NRL to expand anywhere. Unless they completely overhaul the NRL and get rid of all the ex footballers and bring in actual businessmen. I honestly can't see it happening, it's just a pipedream.
  8. You'd have trouble shifting Cronulla, they're quite asset rich. It's the inner city clubs that need looking at. Manly, Westigers,Roosters,Dogs,Parra,Souths. They need amalgamation into a super team or two. Superleague had the answers. Those aforementioned clubs should retain their identity (playing in a lesser competition) and provide players to two new entities, two new mega teams. Never happen. I don't think there's an answer other than the Darwinian one. Stop funding mediocrity, allow a struggle until inevitable death and from the remains let a phoenix rise.
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    What assets do they have Huge? I know they had an interest in some apartment building worth about 2 million i heard they were selling. Dont they have a $2.5 million loan to be paid back in 12 months and another $1.5 million debt that has to be paid this week? Wont they have to sell a lot of any assets they have?

    OH, and whats a Westigers?
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  10. Last first. It's an amalgam of Wests and Tigers. Wests were a Sydney club and so were Balmain, known as the Tigers. Well, in time they merged and were known as the Wests Tigers! So, you know where I'm going don't you? That's right! Westigers, all in one neat package!

    Cronulla own their own ground, clubhouse etc plus adjoining land they sold in a deal which sees them profit into the future according to my friend who played in the lower grades with ET and other future legends. How much is true I'm uncertain about but he is an honest guy with lifelong connection to the club. I think Cronulla are cash poor but healthy otherwise.
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    I gather its the adjoining land they are selling off to pay this $1.5 million loan.
  12. Well, my friend believes it's a parcel of land and not necessarily all of the land. No matter, I think a big parcel of land in Sydney and near the beach would have to bring way more than 1.5. ****, I'll give them 1.6 if they give me the lot!
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    Whatever it is, its supposed to be bringing in 2 million.
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    An apartment building worth 2mill , is it a block of 1.
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    It would have been worth 10 million had it not been declared a hazard zone after finding a sus-looking discarded jam jar there.
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    There are problems with the relegation model and having a salary cap. Theoretically, all teams have a level playing field, so it is possible that someone like the Broncos (or any other high profile team) could get relegated. This would be a disaster for the ages for the NRL.

    Relegation works for comps like the EPL because there is no salary cap, therefore the chance of a high profile team like Man U, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea getting relegated (and damaging the comp) is minuscule.

    It sounds like an interesting idea, but i'm not sure it works here.
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    Players have to come from somewhere.
    Don't wanna be the Titans starting out with everyone's rejects
  18. I'd rather a club struggle for a couple of years than see a shitty club sent to a new market, and expect those new fans to support said shitty club.

    Hi Perth! Here's your Sharks. You should love them, they have a shit history, they have a single premiership with a giant star next to it, they were done for drugs, they love cheating. Enjoy!
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    Wesfarmers latest venture.
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