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In equal 7th spot with a total of 20 is @MrTickyMcG & @Accept
Unfortunately I was too busy to participate but I challenged myself later. The Darren Burns question was annoying, tip of the tongue sort of stuff.

Plath was before my time and I barely remember any of the Hall of Famers other than Wally because he became noticeably less judgemental in commentary afterwards.

The Wigan vs. Broncos game was another that annoyed me because I was trying to remember the player - I just recall Joe Burgess burning Vidot down the sideline and that seemingly granting Maranta the wing spot sending Twitter into meltdown. Something Will? Big polynesian centre, may have even played for an NRL team at some point but didn't last long...

Old school BHQers will always remember Craig Frawley. I'm still gutted to this day they didn't award his try in THAT game against the Dragons. I was right there, the grounding was clean!!

2010 Origin was rough - Ennis (took a swing at Myles and then hid behind Grant or one of the big boppers), Boyd (got speared into the ground by LOD), Taylor (got head-butted by LOD after confronting the boof head), Bulla (missed Game I but may have played the rest of the series), Costigan (career best form), TLL (also in career best form, one of the Blues best around that time period, pretty sure he played...)

Ballin was a Broncos junior but never played first grade. 5/8 players and Lockyer, Folau and Thaiday all played. JYY was 18th man in Game II and earned the Keith award for taking a team photo with the shield. I'm prepared to say Hannant missed out that series after a really disappointing sophmore season at the Bulldogs. I remember arguing with somebody over at LU who claimed he was already better than Webcke...
In 5th spot, with a score of 22 is @1910.
Fun fact: 1910 would have won this by a mile, but a lot of his answers were too late. Sorry mate.
In 2nd on 28 is:


Which means the winner on 29 is @Santa

Thanks for playing, guys.

Points Builder-
1. in 2010, 8 players that had previously played at least one game for the Brisbane Broncos played in at least one game of the State of Origin Series. Name these players without naming any that were playing for Brisbane at the time. 1 point for each correct player named. -1 for any player named that is incorrect.
Darius Boyd, Petero Civoniceva, Ashley Harrison, Ben Hannant, Neville Costigan, Dave Taylor, Michael Ennis, Tom Learoyd-Lahrs

2. Name all the players that played for the Broncos in 2022 that have previously played in an NRL Grand Final. 1 point for every correct player named. -1 for every incorrect player named.
Adam Reynolds, Kurt Capewell, Te Maire Martin, Corey Jensen, Corey Oates, Brenko Lee

3. Name all of the Broncos players past or present that at one time played for NSW in Origin. (Note: They don't have to have played for Brisbane when they were selected for NSW). 1 point for each correct name, -1 for every incorrect name.
Kotoni Staggs, James Roberts, Payne Haas, Chris Johns, Michael Devere, Michael Ennis, Tom Learoyd-Lahrs, Luke Priddis, Terry Matterson, Adam Reynolds, Glenn Lazarus

4. Name any players that played in the NRL for the Broncos that wore headgear. 1 point for every correct answer.
Homies in headgear

5. Name any of the players that have been inducted into the Brisbane Broncos Hall Of Fame. 1 point for any correct answer, -1 for any incorrect answer.
Allan Langer, Michael Hancock, Wally Lewis, Andrew Gee, Glenn Lazarus, Kerrod Walters, Terry Matterson, Gorden Tallis, Kevin Walters, Steve Renouf, Willie Carne, Chris Johns, Gene Miles, Shane Webcke

Who is This?

6. Bob, Utility Forward, 1990-1991

7. Darren, Lock, 2001

8. Darren, Fullback & Five-Eighth, 1995-2011

9. Craig, Winger, 2003-2007

10. Peter, Halfback, 2008-2013

Name The Opponent

11. The team we set our single game highest points total in a match against.
Newcastle Knights (would have also accepted Halifax).

12. Match played in England the day before the World Club Challenge final. A player on the opposition team blocked Corey Parker's last minute shot at a penalty goal.
Wigan Warriors

13. The team that handed us our first ever defeat.
Balmain Tigers

14. Down 22-8 with not long left in the game, John Plath comes on and sparks some magic, scoring two tries for Brisbane to win 24-22.
Illawarra Steelers

15. We lose 10-7. Jordan Kahu scores 3 of the points we scored, but also touches the ball before it travels 10 metres on an attempted short kick off. This is the catalyst for our opposition to come back.
Canterbury Bulldogs
Did you count my answer dragons for question 14 as correct? 🤣

Great works lads! And thanks @pennywisealfie
And is Lockyer not in our hall of fame? Wow
Renouf, Matterson, D. Smith were a few of the obvious headgear players...

Barnes, Wyatt, Swain, Piakura are a few of the more obscure players that come to mind.
Renouf, Matterson, D. Smith were a few of the obvious headgear players...

Barnes, Wyatt, Swain, Piakura are a few of the more obscure players that come to mind.
Yes! Me not picking renouf really pissed me off😅

I thought I was losing my mind

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