Live Broncos Trivia- Wednesday Night 8PM

When ya'll wanna do this.

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That Gillett image is cursed.

Pretty sure Thorn had to wear headgear after he lost his teeth in the early rounds of the 2006.
Well done @Santa ... If i only remembered Oatesy played in a GF ...
I didn't choose him, but jack bird has played for NSW I think?
Wendell played some games in headgear in the early days didn't he?

Yep during his seven game stretch in the second row in 95. I also said Lazo- stitches had to wear head gear and Hohn for stitches, Smith, Ryan, Renouf,
Excellent. I think mine got lost somewhere when the site had that big issue unfortunately. Will always remember the "good going, dude" though haha.
hahaha yeah, I love that line.

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