Making the 8: who to back this weekend


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As a point of trivia this would only work if you sorted the coins into copper and silver, and then separated the 50c pieces. New 50c's would need to be weighed separately from old as their weights differ.

Getting more modern, Gold ($1 & $2) would also need to be weighed separately by denomination.

Banks would be more likely to have a machine that sorted by both dimension and weight to reject fakes, imperfections and foreign coins.
It was the 90’s and rather than tip them all over the carpet in the bedroom floor, separate into piles and then count and tally in a notebook like I did - the fact they had a machine that did it automatically was what truly fascinated me.


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What about when you would count your coins out three times and get like $58. Strut into the bank like Connor McGregor and hand your tin over.
They put it through the machine and say, "Here's your $54, sir".
You're like, "WTF. I know you're ripping me off, you pricks but I'll take my $54".

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