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Discussion in 'Rugby League Talk' started by bb_gun, Jul 22, 2016.

  1. Battler

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    In the article about his retirement they had to constantly reiterate that the decision was 'correct'... not sure about that, but the worst thing about that call was him not going to the video ref. Also, the tidbit about him having a nice one on one with Smith after a game says it all.

    We need hard asses as referees, blokes that don't put up with shit or get friendly like the current blokes do with people like Smith and JT.
  2. Broncs_Fan

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    The downside to that Tonga passion.
  3. Accept

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    I can think of plenty of words to describe it other than passion.
  4. Broncs_Fan

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    Yeah it's bad.
  5. Best ref in the game. No one to replace him. Shit is going to get worse before it gets better.
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  6. Sproj


    And if he is the best ref in the game, that's the whole problem. He's terrible.
  7. Browny

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    Always thought he was a bit of a knob but to receive death threats to himself and his family is disgusting.

    Who would want to be a ref in the NRL when the rules/interpretations change during rounds let alone throughout the year.

    Especially this year where the refs have gotten ridiculous levels of scrutiny
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  8. Horseheadsup

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    Commentators don't help.
  9. Someone needs to call them out, or the NRL will be enabled and think they're doing well.
  10. Horseheadsup

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    You're not wrong @Nashy@Nashy.
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    What really peeves me is the constant shifting of goal posts as far as rule interpretation.
    We have to be the only sport where breaking the rules is sometimes allowed, sometimes not. We need consistency of interpretation and if that means 1000 penalties and a game or two is ruined, so be it. Coaches and players will adapt (they always do).
    But on the other hand, for our refs to be consistent they need strong leadership from all stake holders in the nrl to back them up. And THAT is our Achilles heel.
    Our game is weak. Not the players, refs or even the coaches but those who bring them together.
    Our officials are constantly subjugating the running of the game to the money makers and the short sightedness that goes with it. Too many penalties, a couple of phone calls, and what do you know? the whole exercise is abandoned until the next "merry-go-round," of slow play-the-balls, wrestling, or forward passes.
    We need to stand up and play the long game. Push for a game where everyone plays the same game and the referee isnt even a part of the conversation.
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