RUMOUR Matt Lodge signs until 2020

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    Broncos ceo Paul White is holding a press conference at 3pm

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  1. Bennett extending
  2. Wolfie

    Wolfie State of Origin Rep

    Tin foil hat on, but i havent actually seen a thing official from Melbourne yet about Bellamy, just that apparent leaked email. Could be im blind and just havent looked properly :D
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    I would say it's Bennett related not necessarily an extension though, probably just that they have come to terms with staying on for next season and working on a succession plan.
  3. Lockysillegitimatechild

    Lockysillegitimatechild NRL Player

    Could be players re-signing. Got a lot to get through so surely there will be some soon.
    Plus its a good time for the non-rep players to get it finalised..
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  5. Skyblues87

    Skyblues87 BRL Player

    Nailed on with Bellamy. Said it himself. Be an interesting presser with White has he fsllen on his sword?
  6. Sproj


    Why would he fall on his sword? Is being highly successful at your job and handling things well not good enough these days?
  7. Given what Chris Garry posted again, I very much doubt it's White falling on his sword.
  8. Skyblues87

    Skyblues87 BRL Player

    Dont get me wrong. I like Bennett and respect his achievements but fmd what he brings to the club in a broader role baffles me. He is a media disaster. Player retention and recruitment an absolute disaster. If he moves upstairs he will be sticking his besk in every 5 seconds
    Hopefully 2019 we see the end of WB
  9. Tom

    Tom NRL Captain

    It's to announce the Thurston signing I read on facebook.
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  10. You know whats funny, no chance of it happening but if it actually did turn out to be that, I think we would all be in shock.
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  11. Accept

    Accept NRL Player

    The presser is confirming the news that Sproj broke this morning. JT has been traded to the Broncos for Alex Glenn, Marion Seve and a 2018 Toyota HiAce van 3.0 diesel. It couldn't be anything else.
  12. Have a lay down mate.
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  13. Tom

    Tom NRL Captain

    And Sproj could legit call himself a journalist too
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  14. broncos4life

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    Take a deep breath and try and be better.
  15. Lockysillegitimatechild

    Lockysillegitimatechild NRL Player

    I dont think that role would have anything to do with the media, less then a coach for sure anyway. However, we are and always have been the most talked about club when bennett has been coach, and bennett is the most talked about coach every year. Not exactly a media “disaster”. The media talk about him, and therefore the club, non-stop. Paul kent and co may hate him but he plays them to our benefit/publicity like no other coach can
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  16. broncos4life

    broncos4life International Rep

    - TPJ/Sua/Isaako/Lodge/Oates re-signing
    - Quality halfback signing
    - Bennett moving into Director of Coaching role and awesome coach signing on post 2020

    Some **** sponsor re-signing
  17. Brent Read has said that he believes it is about Lodge extending his deal.

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    I would certainly welcome Lodge re-signing, he has done a great job this season.
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