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I'd even give a pass for missing the 8 if we actually compete every week but mostly have less than 10 point losses.

If we still drop our bundle and get smashed anytime we give up more than 6 points, I'll have serious concerns about him too. I do agree we have the cattle to make the 8 but definitely not to challenge seriously.
We will get beaten by a mixture, occasional solid smackings, more honourable defeats and some good wins. The only focus is regaining the strongest culture. Sure, win loss will be considered after 12 months but the club and KW will want to cut out the unaligned, the players not putting in.

It simply be a better season. Even if we miss the 8 the team continuing, every player KW wants to keep on into season 2022 will form a strong bonded inner core. It's who we have brought on board starting in 22, that will be the season in which KW must perform. He'll get just this season to select from this group and whomever he buys between now and season '22.
The board will settle for an improving team and lots of faithful sons holding the team together...for one year.

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